Britney Spears Totally Rejected DeMario Jackson in 2008: Watch!

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Did you guys know that DeMario Jackson once met Britney Spears? He even got a hug.

If you're wondering why he doesn't lead with that fact in literally every conversation and television appearance ... the video will make that clear.

There's a little secondhand embarrassment here, but it's worth watching the video. To see how gracious Britney Spears is and always has been, but also to see just how far DeMario would go to chase a little fame. Watch the video below!

DeMario Jackson and Britney Spears, 2008

Awww, remember Myspace?

(No, Myspace isn't relevant again -- but it's mentioned in this video. Though, let's be real, it was barely clinging to relevance even in 2008)

See, in a video -- believed to have been taken by a fan of Britney -- DeMario Jackson tries to get a date with Britney by sharing some information about himself.

He starts by getting her attention -- and a laugh:

"You need a black dude!"

Mind you, this is 2008 Britney.

This is after Britney's epic breakdown that fit perfectly with the archetypal hero's journey to the underworld (before rising like a phoenix, stronger than ever).

So this was when Britney's life was still in flux.

These days, of course, she's happily dating the unnecessarily handsome Sam Ashgari and focusing on being a mom while still having epic global performances because she rules the world of music.

But before she was living the life that she deserves, Britney was unlucky in love ... to say the least.

We think, though, that she's perfectly happy with how her life's worked out at this point, so we don't think that she's looking back and wondering if she should have dated DeMario Jackson.

Britney Spears Looking Hot in Japan

Seeing his opening after Britney laughs, DeMario follows up by saying more.

"My mom loves you!"

Smart mom, right?

"Call me right now! I’m dead serious. My name is DeMario Jackson. I’m an up-and-coming actor."

We wonder if he had any idea where his career would go at that time.

We can't imagine that he imagined himself as being known for his role in the Bachelor Nation, you know?

"I want to be like you."

So does literally everyone, DeMario.

"I want everybody to see me on TV."

On that account, he's gotten his wish.

He also yelled out his Myspace URL, which gives us such a chuckle.

Britney didn't seem totally taken in by the verbal barrage, but being the sweetest woman on the planet, she did pose with him for a hug.


Really, though, we don't think that DeMario was really after a date.

Which is good, because he is not displaying healthy boundaries here in terms of seeking romance.

(Please, please do not go up to random strangers and try to chat them up -- don't try to date coworkers, either. Just naturally meet women in your life and let other people go about their lives)

He was putting his name out there, less for Britney's benefit and more because she's mega-famous and he knew that, through that interaction with her, he could get exposure and get noticed.

(Through Britney, all things are possible)

Of course, when DeMario Jackson talks about wanting to be famous, he can't have meant the Bachelor in Paradise pool sex scandal.

(Be careful what you wish for, folks)

Britney Spears Performs at the Billboard Music Awards

Britney was more gracious than anyone has a right to expect of her.

Like, a lot of celebrities get tired after a while and can't put up with constant fan attention when they're just going shopping or living their lives.

And then, when celebs finally decline to meet someone by putting up a firm boundary, the world looks at them and calls them out for being rude to their fans.

Fame can be vicious like that.

So, brace yourselves for a speck of secondhand embarrassment as DeMario really puts himself out there for Britney, but it's a cute video.

It's amazing to see things that the internet just digs up like this:

Awww, remember Myspace?

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