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Some pregnancy announcements make you cry, like the one in which a wife captured her husband’s reaction inside a photobooth.

But others make you laugh, shake your head and simply marvel… such as the one featured here.

It stars Jerrad and Machel Green, a couple who has created a nearly-six minute long video that features the mother-to-be singing her way through a number of Britney Spears hits.

"Oops I did it again. I took the test, and it’s positive,” Machel, who is already the mother to a three-year old son, croons at the outset.

The footage continues with an ode to morning sickness to the tune of "Toxic," and then it jumps to the third month where the pregnant parent is trying to hide her belly from friends during a trip to Target, while singing "Slave For You."

It’s safe to say this belongs in our list of Awesome Pregnancy Announcements.

"Craziness I tell ya! Thank you all for sharing in our excitement!" the Greens wrote on the Facebook page for their company, Vintage Marquee Lights.

"We can’t wait to meet our little sweet pea in November! Xoxo"