16 Totally AWWW-dorable Pregnancy Announcements

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Announcing you are expecting a baby is fun, exciting and special no matter how you choose to do it.

But these people have chosen to do it in especially unique and hilarious ways...

1. Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!
This is a nice, creative, subtle way of announcing a pregnancy. But some small feet will soon be filling those shoes.

2. It's Positive!

It's Positive!
It's a positive pregnancy test! Can you tell which half of this couple is more excited about it?

3. Expect the Unexpected

Expect the Unexpected
No, babies don't come from storks. But this one is being used to announced one.

4. Sand Art

Sand Art
This is one of the more artistic ways of announcing to friends and family members that you are expecting a child.

5. We're Prego!

We're Prego!
They're Prego! This type of announcement is both funny and, later, tasty.

6. Bun in the Oven

Bun in the Oven
There's a literal bun in an actual oven in this humorous photo. But a figurative one is also on the way.

7. Paul Rudd Birth Announcement

Paul Rudd Birth Announcement
THIS is how you announce you're pregnant. If Paul Rudd is standing around, that is.

8. Couple Announces Pregnancy Via #ShareaCoke Campaign

Talk about original! This couple uses the #ShareaCoke campaign to make a rather big announcement.

9. Couple Parodies Wes Anderson for Pregnancy Announcement

Well, this is one way to announce a pregnancy. Look at how this creative couple parodied Wes Anderson films and told the world they are expecting a baby.

10. Photo Booth Pregnancy Announcement

These two love photo booths ... but this time different and the husband wasn't expecting the surprise his wife had planned for him.

11. Couple Announces Pregnancy Via "Blank Space" Spoof

This is one way to announce you're expecting a baby. Check out this awesome video to see how this couple parodied Taylor Swift in order to deliver the news.

12. Jaime King's Son..

Jaime King's Son..
... is gonna be a big brother! This is how the actress announced her second pregnancy.

13. Britney Spears-Themed Pregnancy Announcement Goes Viral, Is Amazing

Greatest pregnancy announcement in the history of mankind? Watch this couple sing a version of a classic Britney Spears song to break its major news.

14. Taylor Swift Baby Announcement

Taylor Swift Baby Announcement
This is how one couple told its friends that it was expecting a baby. Pretty cool, huh?

15. Man Learns He's Gonna Be a Grandfather, Does Hilarious Dance of Joy

HA! Watch this video to see how one man hilariously reacts upon learning he's about to be a grandfather.

16. Husband Surprises Wife with Pregnancy News: Find Out How!

Wait... what?!? How? Seriously: HOW?!? Watch this video to learn how a husband surprised his wife with news that she is pregnant.

17. Olivia Wilde Pregnancy Announcement

Olivia Wilde Pregnancy Announcement
How cute is this?!? Look at the way in which Olivia Wilde announced she is pregnant with another child!

18. It's Bill Murray!

It really is! Click on the above video to see how two Chicago Cubs fan asked the actor to help them break their news.

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