Bristol Palin: See Her Very First Teen Mom OG Sneak Peek!

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OK, so it's been a month since we first heard the news that Bristol Palin is joining the cast of Teen Mom OG.

We've had all that time to let everything sink in, to try to get used to the idea of such a huge change in the show.

Bristol Palin Selfie Time

It hasn't been easy.

Many, many Teen Mom fans have said that they'll stop watching the show now that Bristol is part of it, and that's fair -- she's not the most likable person MTV could have cast, that's for sure.

After all, nobody likes the Palins.

But despite all the backlash they've received, MTV is obviously going forward with Bristol.

And now we have a clip to prove it!

Bristol Palin Red Carpet Pose

Yep, the new season of Teen Mom OG will begin airing on October 1st, so there's plenty of time for trailers and teasers and sneak peeks galore.

Last night during the VMAs, Bristol's very first sneak peek was aired, and it's ...

Well, it sure is something.

It starts with Bristol talking with her mother, Sarah Palin herself, so if there was any doubt that jackass would be making an appearance on the show, that's gone now.

Sarah and Bristol Palin Photo

"I was a teen mom," Bristol says. "My life is not perfect at all."

"Amen," Sarah replies.

And so it begins.

Next, we see Bristol saying "I want to do what's best for my kids," but there's no context for her statement.

Bristol Palin, 3 Kids

Still, it's not hard to guess what she's talking about.

The last season of Teen Mom OG wrapped up filming in January, and these days, the moms barely get a break from filming, if they get a break at all.

If Bristol filmed for the whole season, and it's looking like she did, then there's a good chance cameras were around for the end of her marriage -- her former husband, Dakota Meyer, filed for divorce around the beginning of February.

But even if she didn't start filming until after that, obviously there will still be plenty of drama to go around.

Bristol Palin and Crew

But will it be enough drama to interest Teen Mom fans?

More importantly, will it be enough to overcome the digust that so many of those fans feel about having Bristol on the show in the first place?

Only time will tell!

Check out Bristol's sneak peek below:

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