Sarah Palin: Might I Appear on Teen Mom OG? You Betcha!

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As has been discussed in the past, Sarah Palin may or may not be able to see Russia from her house.

Similarly, meanwhile, the former Governor and Vice Presidential candidate now says she may or may not appear on future episodes of Teen Mom OG.

Sarah and Bristol Palin Photo

Wait... WHAT, you may be asking if you've been away from your computer for a few days?!?

It's true: Bristol Palin has been hired by MTV to essentially replace Farrah Abraham on Season 8 of this popular series.

Yes, the same Bristol Palin whose pregnancy was discovered during her month's ascension into mainstream politics... who gave birth at age 17... and who now has three kids by two different men.

Based on that synopsis, it actually sounds like Bristol fits in perfect to the franchise, doesn't it?

Bristol herself has confirmed this story, sharing the image below on Instagram and writing as a caption:

I am excited to join MTV's 'Teen Mom OG.' I look forward to sharing my experiences and hope that I can help others on their journey.

Bristol Palin and Crew

Asked by TMZ about her daughter's upcoming presence on this controversial series, Sarah Palin echoed the same sentiment.

"Bristol's gonna be a great messenger for overcoming a little bit of challenge and doing well in life," Palin said told a TMZ cameraman, adding:

"We're not doing a 'reality star' type thing. She sees this as a venue, a forum, for good [and] to help people in a hurting world.

"So I encourage her doing this, I support her doing this and I'm proud of her."

There are so many ways to analyze this response.

FIRST, Palin got pregnant in the national spotlight and has gone on to have multiple kids out of wedlock. Including Teen Mom OG, she has appeared on four reality shows.

Her family is very rich and famous.

We disagree with her mother's assessment that she can be any sort of "messenger" for overcoming any of the challenges that young mother actually face on a regular basis.

Her life is anything but ordinaty.

Sarah with Todd

SECOND, you are doing a "reality star type thing," Mrs. Palin.

Teen Mom OG is a reality show and Bristol will be starring on it. This is a very simple one.

THIRD, can you please elaborate on how Bristol can "help" anyone via this role? We're legitimately asking.

According to Us Weekly, Palin will make a salary of $250,000 for just a few weeks of filming.

She'll let cameras into her life and show that it isn't all that awful despite having three kids by age 27? Okay. So what? What does that prove and who does it prove it to?

Again, that salary is so insane that it instantly makes Bristol unrelatable to the average young mother and also: what's your point, Palins? More people ought to have three kids by two men by age 27?

Is the goal to encourage more women to be like Palin?

This is just so reminiscent of 2008 because, once again, we literally have no idea what Sarah Palin is talking about.

Bristol and Some Kids

Elsewhere, the one question that has been on everyone's mind since this news broke is an obvious one:

Might Sarah Palin guest star on Teen Mom OG?!?

It makes us giddy just to write those words -- especially when the notion isn't all that bizarre apparently!

"Whatever Bristol needs, whatever she wants and whatever my grandbabies need or want, I'm there," Palin told TMZ.

Simply. Amazing.

Sarah Palin, however, will need to go watch Teen Mom OG online in order to bone up on story arcs and characters before her inevitable cameo.

She's never actually seen an episode.

Bristol Palin, 3 Kids

"The girls, my daughters, have been telling me who all the characters are, kinda trying to catch up," Palin concluded to TMZ.

"But my daughters - Bristol and Willow and Piper - they all have great respect for some of the girls who have really overcome some obstacles and done well with their children.

Bristol will join returning cast members Catelynn Lowell Baltierra, Maci Bookout McKinney and Amber Portwood on the program.

She will NOT be joining Ryan and Mackenzie Edwards because they have quit the show.

On Instagram, Sarah Palin also wrote that Bristol will somehow be assisting others by starring on Teen Mom OG:

"Wow! the opportunity she has to help others along life’s (challenging) journey is exciting & outstanding!!! I am so proud of her ~ and all my kids... they’re my world ...

"They know to share the blessings, knowledge, experiences God’s provided in order to HELP others in a hurting world. Doors open, bust through those doors!"

And, hey, they know when to accept a quarter-million dollar check, too.

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