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A few weeks ago, we shared a wedding video that we guaranteed would make you cry.

We’re now excited to present a wedding video that we guarantee will leave you standing up and cheering.

In the following piece of footage, a woman is on the beach with her bridesmaids and her bouquet, prepared to toss the latter to the former in order to see who will get married next.

Per tradition, of course.

But the bride then stops right before letting go of her flowers.

She proceeds to walk over and hand them to her very best friend, Marcie.

At that point, the groom’s very best friend, Lauren, walked over and got down on one knee to propose.

How cool is that?!? Talk about a selfless act, right?

How many brides and grooms out there would be willing to cede the spotlight on their big day to their friends?

Playing a major role in ceding said spotlight, no less. We love it.

Wedding GIF
Photo via Instagram

Watch the full video below and ask yourself:

Could you do such a thing for your best friend on your big day?

Weigh that question and check out the romantic couple of minutes now: