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We’re very sorry, future grooms of America.

But the groom in the following video just set the emotional bar to unreachable heights.

You may want to keep this footage away from your fiancee. Because you’ll never be able to live up to the man’s reaction in it.

His name is Gabriel and he simply cannot handle the sight of his beautiful bride making her way down the aisle.

The wedding ceremony is taking place at at St Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square, London and the love of Gabriel’s life is named Annabella.

She looks amazing in her gown, doesn’t she?

Gabriel sure thinks so.

He can’t believe it. He can’t believe his good fortune or that he’s standing there, about to exchange vows with Annabella.

The closer she gets to him, the harder Gabriel cries.

Once they are standing side by side, he can barely even contain himself. He’s totally lost it.

"Stand up. This is your moment, man. You look at your wife, now. You look at her," Gabriel’s best man says so eloquently, inspiring his pal to keep it together.

It’s pretty moving stuff overall.

So join us in raising a glass to Gabriel, Annabella and all other brides and grooms out there.

May you all feel this joyous on your big day.