Briana DeJesus Destroys Baby Daddies on Snapchat: You is a Deadbeat [Sic]!!

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Teen Mom 2 newcomer Briana DeJesus has taken to Snapchat to put the men (term used loosely) who fathered her daughters on blast.

Never one to hold back with her emotions, as you know if you watch Teen Mom 2 online, Bri is really letting these two have it this time.

Briana De Jesus

Those familiar with Briana from her 16 & Pregnant heyday know she gave birth to a daughter, Nova, with her ex-boyfriend Devoin Austin.

Devoin, to put it mildly, has not proven himself to be an upstanding individual over the years ... and it appears history is repeating itself.

Briana recently joined the Teen Mom 2 cast and her storyline thus far in 2017 has involved her breakup with Luis Miguel ... while pregnant.

DeJesus considered adoption for her second child, because she was so disappointed about going through the same sad pattern again.

Ultimately, she did not; Stella (below, with big sister Nova) was born and Briana is over the moon about having two daughters at home.

But that doesn't mean she's cool with their dads. At all.

Briana DeJesus' Daughters

This week, Briana took to social media to call out fans who have been relaying DeJesus' thoughts on the kids' dads to the dads online.

The 23-year-old pointedly told her fan base that she's in charge of the situation, saving her harshest words for the two fathers personally.

“Don’t take photos of MY kids and put them on social media or send them in group chats to your friends and like you a dad," she said.

"You is a deadbeat my guy [sic],” she posted.

She then told her fans to cool it with this directive: “And stop screenshotting my tweets and rants and sending them to my baby daddies."

"They [are] fully aware they [are] deadbeats and know how I feel," said Briana, who has never been shy about calling it like she sees it.

Luis Miguel

Just last month, Briana put Luis on BLAST for claiming that he made money for appearing on Teen Mom 2 (as he did earlier this summer).

At the same time he was getting paid for this, DeJesus said, he was failing to pay child support for the little girl he has no interest in.

Before her much-publicized return to MTV, she spoke candidly that she didn't know quite what to expect from her relationship with Luis.

It only went downhill from there, it appears.

Luis was apparently dating another woman while they were together, and as we saw from the show, his excuses for this didn't cut it.

It's all very sad, because (unlike Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez, for example) they were very close once, and even talked about marriage.

Briana DeJesus on Teen Mom 2

Early this season, she was still optimistic.

"We’ve just been trying to figure it out for the sake of this baby,” she told MTV producers (who are a part of the show, on and off camera).

“He’s a lot older than me, he’s 31. We wanna move in together, hopefully I would like to get married, all this grownup stuff.”

Yeah. So much for that pipe dream.

All we can say for certain is this:

1. Use protection, kids, honestly;

2. If you're going to ditch out on your baby mama, guys, you may want to take a hard look at your life. Snapchat shade-throwing is the least of your problems.

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