Briana DeJesus: Hooking Up with Javi Marroquin?!

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It's been a few months now since we first heard the news that Briana DeJesus was going to become the fifth Teen Mom 2 cast member.

It hasn't been an easy adjustment.

Briana DeJesus on MTV

We've all had a lot of feelings about it, everything from depression about one of our favorite reality shows going through major changes to ... well, that actually covers most of it.

It just doesn't seem like a great idea. Why mess with the perfection that is Teen Mom 2?

Sure, Briana has a bunch of family drama, and she just gave birth to her second child, so there's baby daddy drama, too.

But still, we're just not psyched.

Or at least we weren't until we saw this sneak peek.

In the clip, we see Javi Marroquin walking around a studio -- but, contrary to what you might think, this isn't one of Kailyn Lowry's clips.

Nope, Javi and Briana are just that tight.

Javi Pic

He goes into a greenroom reserved for Briana, her sister Brittany, and their mother, Roxanne, and Briana is waiting to give him a great big hug.

He hugs Brittany too, and he even asks Nova, Briana's daughter, for a hug -- how close are these people?

Javi recounts seeing Brittany a few months before (probably when the rumors that they were hooking up began), but says that he hasn't seen Briana in forever.

"Your mom tried hooking me and Briana up," he tells Brittany, "but she's pregnant now, so that's actually kind of out the window now."

"You let me know," he says to Briana. "You got my number."

Briana, meanwhile, plays with her hair and looks pretty awkward about the whole thing -- like if she wasn't pregnant, she'd be hitting Javi up immediately.

Briana DeJesus Baby Shower

"Let's not start this drama up right now," Brittany laughs.

Which was the wrong thing to say -- all we want is this drama right now.

Javi changes the subject to Briana's pregnancy, but he gives away his feelings again when he asks her about "the lucky guy" who impregnated her.

Way to play it cool, Javi.

And with this one little sneak peek, we're officially 100 times more excited about Briana's inclusion on Teen Mom 2 -- if only for the Kailyn drama this will surely bring.

Watch everything go down in the video below:

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