Brett Rossi BURNS Charlie Sheen: You Exposed Me to HIV For a Year, You Piece of S--t!

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Charlie Sheen's ex-fiancee Scottine (a.k.a. porn star Brett Rossi) is speaking out about his HIV diagnosis and burning the star in more ways than one.

Seriously, she unleashes a foul-mouthed tirade whilst literally torching memories of the couple's time together in a backyard trash fire in this video.

Scottine, who was with Charlie from 2013-14, claims she was unaware of his diagnosis during a period of their time, and that Sheen covered up his HIV.

“You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half!” Rossi rants as she sets photos of Charlie on fire in a video posted by Radar and the National Enquirer.

“You offered me a hundred grand after basically being married to you… you piece of sh!t. After everything I f--king did for you and your f--king kids!”

“You choked me out! You threw me on the floor! You dragged me around like a rag doll! You told me what a piece of s–t I was all the time. F–k you!”

Well then.

This blistering diatribe against Sheen was reportedly recorded in April of this year, but is only being released following Sheen's admission of HIV.

Scottine was scheduled to meet Charlie in mediation as well last month in L.A., with the former porn star demanding $5 million from her ex-lover.

She had agreed to a settlement last week, according to Radar. Allegedly, many others have been bought off by Sheen since he was first diagnosed.

Another of his well known porn star exes, Bree Olson says he never told her about the disease ... other sources say he still isn't telling his sex partners.

The erratic actor, 50, contends that he is relatively healthy despite his hard-partying lifestyle ... and that Bree is a liar and he's leaving the country,

How this saga plays out in the coming weeks and months is anyone's guess, but we're guaranteeing we haven't heard the last of spurned Sheen exes.

Stay tuned.

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