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Blac Chyna has just treated us to the first extreme close-up of the Kardashian baby.

Through her belly, of course.

She gave us a peek at her baby bump from afar last week, but in the Snapchat video below, she takes the camera so close we can see the leftover holes from her old belly button rings.

Remember those?

"Hey baby, what are you doing in there?" she chirps as she showcases her bump, which has gotten BIG!

"Just waitin’ for a camera to be shoved in my face the moment I pop outta your lady parts, ma. Where’s my inheritance?" the baby shot back.

We’re guessing, that is.

Because there’s a good chance the birth might actually be televised.

Earlier this week, we learned that a Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna reality show has been greenlighted by E!

Titled Rob & Chyna, the series will document "the whirlwind romance of Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna as they prepare for the birth of their first child."

The network ordered six one-hour episodes in which we’ll see the couple "openly share their new life while setting up their new home and preparing for their first child together."

And yes, Kris Jenner will serve as executive producer.

We knew she’d come around.

We still don’t know Chyna’s due date, but judging by the growth of her belly, we’re thinking these two better start filming soon unless all they want is a shot of Chyna screaming obscenities in the stirrups.