Blac Chyna: Her Mom Goes OFF on Caitlyn Jenner in Horrific Rant!

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Just in case you haven't heard about it yet, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna are in a bit of a feud at the moment.

Just kidding -- if you're on this section of the internet at this very moment in time, there's literally no chance you haven't heard about it.


But just to recap real quick, earlier this month, Rob said some unkind things about Chyna in a series of Instagram posts.

He claimed that she's on a bunch of drugs, and that she brings various men into the house while her children are there.

He also shared some nude photos of her -- and in doing that, he broke some laws.

Chyna's working with a lawyer, and she managed to get a temporary restraining order against him that prohibits him from talking about her online.

It's all very, very bad.

Caitlyn Jenner, meanwhile, has commented on the situation, stating that Rob was "stupid" for posting the nudes, "and he kind of apologized."

Caitlyn Jenner for Sirius

But she added that she's never met Chyna, and she hasn't "really had a serious conversation" with Rob in years, so she's not really up to date on everything."

Fair statements, right? Because, objectively speaking, Rob was stupid for sharing the pictures.

But for some reason, Blac Chyna's mother, Tokyo Toni, took great offense to Caitlyn's words on the matter, and she addressed it in a bizarre video (see below).

"Did I just wake up to some motherf--kin' hot, steamy, pissy-smelling tea?" Toni begins.

"Did that motherf--kin' n---- Caitlyn Jenner, AKA Brucey -- yeah, big balls, little dick, him. Look at them motherf--kin' Wheaties shorts."

"This motherf--kin' n----, because he's a man, dressing and pretending to be a woman," Toni says.

Tokyo Toni on Her Grind Photo

It takes her a long, long time to get to her point, because she has to stop and be a transphobic garbage person for a while -- at this point in the video, she starts making fun of Caitlyn's voice.

"How the f--k your stinkin' ass n----, 'cause you got a dick, n----, you was born a man, n----," she goes on. "You gonna down your f--kin' son on here, say he's stupid instead of saying something encouraging?"

She adds that Caitlyn definitely knows Blac Chyna, and that the two of them have even met -- this is where she calls Caitlyn a "f--ckin' f-----."

At the end of the video, Toni tells Caitlyn to call her, but we have a feeling that she never, ever will.

Because as bothersome as Caitlyn Jenner can be, she definitely has more class than Tokyo Toni.

Not that that's really an achievement.

Check out Toni's full rant in the video below, but be warned -- it's tough to watch:

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