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Just in case you missed the memo, here you have it: Big Sean is not a fan of Donald Trump.

It might come as a bit of surprise, considering Sean is Kanye West’s protege — he’s even on Kanye’s record label — and Kanye is basically one of Trump’s closest friends.

(After Putin, natch.)

But as it turns out, Sean doesn’t share Kanye’s views.

And we know this because the guy just rapped about murdering Trump.

See, Big Sean is promoting his brand new album, I Decided. He stopped by Hot 97 to talk about it, and while he was there, he did a little bit of freestyling.

And that’s when things went bad.

At one point, Sean rapped "I might just kill ISIS with the same ice pick that I murder Donald Trump in the same night with."

This probably goes without saying, but … Sean, honey, you can’t rap about murdering the president. You simply can’t do it.

We get that you have a lot of feelings about what’s going on, and that’s fair. It’s actually more than fair.

But murder is bad, and fantasizing about murder isn’t all that great either.

Maybe try to focus your outrage in a different, more productive way. A way that doesn’t get you on the bad side of the most insane cabinet this country has ever had.

Watch Big Sean’s shocking freestyle in the video below: