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Leah Messer has been dealt quite the hand in life, hasn’t she?

Not only did she get pregnant at 16, but she got pregnant with twins. And not only did she get pregnant with twins, but one of those twins was born with a debilitating disease.

She also has two failed marriages under her belt at a very young age and she’s struggled with an alleged prescription pill problem, but let’s stick to that twin thing for now, OK?

One of Leah’s twins, Ali, has a rare form of muscular dystrophy. At this point in her life, the disease is really affecting her mobility.

Ali has a wheelchair that she’s encouraged to use at all times, and a helmet for the times she does walk around, since she suffers a lot of falls.

Leah Messer and Her Children

But Leah isn’t too big on the helmet. Or the wheelchair, for that matter.

In this sneak peek from next week’s brand new episode of Teen Mom 2, Leah talks with a friend about Ali’s issues.

She still seems to be in denial about the severity of Ali’s disease, and understandably so.

She says that even though Ali’s supposed to use her wheelchair, she’s never tell her that she couldn’t walk if she wanted to walk.

Leah even says that she didn’t know if she’d ever be able to accept that her daughter’s condition is declining.

Watch the heartbreaking footage below: