Ben Higgins on Kissing Many Women: EWWWW!

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Don't be jealous of Ben Higgins, men around the world.

Yes, he stars on The Bachelor. So, yes, this means he often gets to swap spit with many beautiful women, often on the same night.

But while this may look like fun when you watch The Bachelor online and see said spit get swapped, Higgins tells Ellen DeGeneres in the video below that the experience doesn't match the fantasy.

"Honestly, it's kind of an interesting part of doing the experience is you are kissing multiple people in one night. And I'll never say I haven't done that. It's documented now," he explains.

"But it does kind of mess with your mind a little bit sometimes because you are with somebody and you enjoy that moment, and then you get up and walk to the next, and it makes you feel really weird."

Higgins added: "It's not something I want to get used to."

Of course, as The Bachelor spoilers have revealed, it's not something he'll have to get used to.

Ben DOES end up proposing before the final credits roll this spring.

But that's for another time.

For now, you can hear Ben talk about kissing these women and also hear what word he uses to describe Olivia, Becca, Caila and others in the video featured here.

Sit back and enjoy!

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