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Happy news of Bear Brown’s engagement was swiftly folloed by news of his breakup … and Raiven Adams’ pregnancy.

The Alaskan Bush People star and his soon-to-be baby mama opted to co-parent as best friends despite the awkwardness of it all.

Now, Bear has an announcement: they’re back together! And Raiven is explaining just how they plan to make it last this time.

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I was already in bed on Monday night when I glanced at Instagram and saw this happy news.

Bear Brown was smiling in a new video.

"Got some AWESOME news for everyone!!!" he wrote in the video’s captions.

He followed those words with a red heart emoji.

I must admit that my first thought was of Billy Brown’s major medical issues. But Bear’s news was of another nature.

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The actual video itself houses Bear’s very happy announcement.

"Hey everybody out there," his video begins.

Bear reveals: "I wanted to let you all know that Raiven and I decided to give it another shot!”

“After having been separated for a little bit," he explains.

Bear states: "we found we still had feelings for each other."

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"So we’re going to give it another try," Bear shares with his fans and followers.

His Instagram is set to private, but the video is includes in this post for your viewing convenience.

"Thank you everybody out there,” he expresses, his happiness palpable.

“Stay awesome," Bear concludes. "And God bless."

Rain Brown offered her brother a happy hugging emoji in the comments, congratulating him on this good news.

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While Bear made the announcement, Raiven answered questions in her Instagram Stories.

Most of the fan questions were about her pregnancy — she is ten weeks along.

However, one question in particular asks Raiven how she thinks that this time with Bear will go any differently.

They broke up earlier this month, such a short time after getting engaged.

What do they plan to do differently to keep history from repeating itself?

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Raiven was bluntly, almost brutally honest in answering the fan’s question.

"Stop reading your opinions or caring what y’all think," she replies.

In other words, what fans said in comments really haunted them.

"Not in a mean way," Raiven hastily clarifies.

She assesses: "I think we just cared too much [about] what people thought before."

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Ignoring what fans have to say about your personal life is often, but not always, a good idea.

We also recommend ignoring the judgmental headlines that certain sites may have written about Raiven’s sexuality.

(Not us — we’re glad that Raiven came out as pansexual and we’re also thrilled that the Browns were so accepting, as all should be)

Remember, Bear has years of experience as a reality star under his belt. His whole family is accustomed to fame.

Raiven is a model, and was not famous or a public figure before she and Bear went public with their romance, engagement, breakup, and pregnancy.

She and Bear were just fine before they went public with their romance. But it’ll take time for her to become accustomed to all of this fan attention.