Billy Brown: Alaskan Bush People Patriarch Suffering "Major Medical Issues"

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It wasn't enough that Billy Brown got slammed by his own daughter. He's also dealing with a serious health crisis.

His son and fellow Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown, who is expecting his first child, took to social media to share the news.

Bear reveals that Billy's condition is "major" and that he is recovering from surgery.

Billy Brown in Season 8

Bear Brown took to the captions of his private Instagram account to share some serious news with fans and followers.

"Hey everybody!" Bear begins, trying to keep his tone light and friendly despite the topic at hand.

"We’ve been going through some major medical issues with my dad," he reveals.

This isn't a problem of running to the bathroom or needing to find the right meds. Billy had to be hospitalized.

Bear announces: "he got out of surgery yesterday."

Billy Brown on Season 8

Bear does have some good news, however.

He writes: "but it looks like he’s going to be needing more test!"

"Thanks everybody for sticking with my family," Bear expresses.

Alaskan Bush People has a devoted fanbase of fans who adore the family and wish them the best.

"And," he concludes, he thanks them "or all y’all guys support! God bless!"

Bear Brown on Instagram video still

Bear also shared a video covering most of the same information alongside that caption.

Normally, the video would only be visible to Instagram followers, but it's here for your convenience.

"My dad's still having some major medical issues," Bear tells the camera.

"In fact," he continues. "He got out of surgery just the other day."

That makes the timeline of the surgery a little shaky, but we'll just say that Billy's surgery happened during the first half of this month.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

"But he has a lot more tests to do," Bear cautions fans about his father.

Tests that cannot be done in the middle of rural Washington on the 435-acre property that Billy bought a couple of years ago.

"So," he explains. "We're still in town."

Good for them for staying nearby so that they can lend their father moral support.

"Thanks for sticking with us," Bear's video concludes. "And God bless."

Alaskan Bush People Returns for Season 9

It is unclear which specific medical problem may be afflicting Billy.

While Ami Brown's uphill, odds-defying cancer battle was well publicized, many fans also remember that Billy sometimes has seizures.

Several years ago, one of those seizures was caught on camera, as the patriarch collapsed in the woods and struggled to remain conscious.

His seizures can come at varying levels of intensity.

That said, a man of Billy's age and lifestyle could have any number of health problems unknown to fans.

Billy Brown of Alaskan Bush Peopl

Fortunately, it appears that in the days following Bear's revelation to fans, Billy's condition improved.

He was spotted out and about with his family, and fans have reported the fmaily's return to their homestead.

It is possible that the Browns will clarify what had troubled Billy.

However, they may play things close to the vest -- especially if Billy's health crisis will receive any coverage on Alaskan Bush People.

It sounds cynical, but drumming up a little drama about a (real) mystery ailment can give a ratings boost. Like we said, cynical.

For now, let's just keep the Brown family in our thoughts.

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