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He might be the greatest basketball player that’s ever walked the Earth, but these days, Michael Jordan is getting no respect.

First, LeBron James takes his role in Space Jam 2, now some smartass kid is going viral with an epic roast of His Airness’ famous footwear.

In case you’re not up on what the teens are saying these days (Don’t worry, we had to Google it ourselves.), "What are thooose?" is basically a way of saying someone is wearing ugly shoes.

Jordan is almost as famous for his sneaker-shilling as for his time with the Bulls, so this kid basically just pulled off the off-court equivalent of posterizing someone with a tongue-wagging dunk.

After someone translated for him, MJ kinda recovered with a response about how Vine sucks and he’s rocking a pair of "29 Lows."

Frankly, we wish he would’ve responded along the lines of, "That’s a good one! Now watch me buy your parents’ house and kick you out of it. In the meantime, you wanna play some one-on-one in front of all these people?"