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As a Florida man suspected of stealing a Mercedes Benz was about to be questioned, but he opted out of biting his tongue.

Instead, he bit off the tips of his fingers to avoid being fingerprinted!!

Kenzo Roberts was arrested Thursday when Lee County Sheriff’s Office deputies happened upon a 2015 Mercedes that had been reported stolen.

Investigators discovered that 20-year-old Roberts was using a fake ID and carrying a concealed firearm. He also had three fraudulent credit cards in his possession.

But the most alarming part of the arrest was when Roberts began chewing off his fingerprints so he couldn’t be fingerprinted.

The disturbing act was caught on a surveillance camera as he chewed off his fingertips and swallowed the flesh.  He also rubbed his hands against a cage in the back.

Roberts’ attempt to fool the officers was unsuccessful.

Officers were able to fingerprint him anyway.  And his prints revealed that he had two felony warrants that were linked to an aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charge.

The Orlando Sentinel reported that he was arrested on three counts of possession of a counterfeit credit card; grand theft auto; possession of a concealed firearm; possession of similitude of a driver’s license; driving with a suspended license; and giving false identification to law enforcement.

According to officers, Roberts is illegally residing in the US, and Border Patrol has been contacted.