Audrey Roloff Causes Entire Internet to Tear Up with This Special Video

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Ember Jean Roloff celebrated the biggest milestone of her young life on Monday:

She turned a year old!

The occasion was celebrated a day earlier by nearly all of Ember's friends and family members, as they turned out for a fun gathering that was highlighted by the birthday gal smashing a cake all over her hands and face.

She may have actually eaten a bit as well.

Loving Her Ember

We documented a variety of scenes from the party in THIS GALLERY, but now Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have helped us share even more moments from the beautiful gathering.

They've posted a 58-second long video on their official website.

It includes many close-ups of the adorable one-year old, along with clips of her parents and other loved ones kissing, hugging or playing with Ember.

"This video... All the tears," wrote Audrey as a caption upon posting it to Instagram, adding:

"Just like the song says, you lit a fire in our hearts Ember girl. Thank you for creating something we will treasure forever uncle Jack."

Up, Up Goes Ember

Jeremy also posted it to his page, a day after writing a heartfelt letter to his child on the anniversary of her birth.

It reads as follows:

Happy 1st birthday sweet girl! A year has already passed and it feels like only a day. I love your lively demeanor and graceful spirit, your brilliant smile, big lips, and piercing eyes.

You are a masterpiece of creation and I pray that by now you know your Creator and love Him like Mom and Dad do. You are a bright light of joy to those who are shaded with the days troubles.

When work has Mom and I short tempered and high strung, you always seem to make us laugh and relax. It’s been a joy getting to know you. You’re beautiful, unique, and loved.

I’m so glad I get to be your dad. You are a gift that keeps on giving, and so I will give back with all I have.

Kisses for the 1-Year Old

Perfect, right?

We're sad that Jeremy and Audrey have quit Little People, Big World and that we won't be able to see Ember grow up on screen.

But we've got a feeling her mom and dad will be filling us in on their blog, on their podcast and across their social media accounts for many years to come.

Check out this awesome video now!

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