Ember Roloff Turns 1, Stars in Cutest Celebration Ever

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Ember Jean Roloff has achieved a milestone.

It's a simple one and, technically, it's not one over which she had much control.

But it's a major one nonetheless:

The only child of Audrey and Jeremy Roloff is now a year old!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In celebration, most Little People, Big World cast members came together on Sunday, September 9 to pay tribute to the precious infant and to watch her smash some cake all over her face.

Care to join them?

Scroll through the following party photos now!

1. Ready for Her Party

Ready for Her Party
It's Ember Jean's party, folks. And she'll look adorable if she wants to!

2. Where Has This Cake Been My Whole Life?

Where Has This Cake Been My Whole Life?
You'll forgive Ember for not looking up and smiling here. She has a cake to devour.

3. Such a Proud Grandma

Such a Proud Grandma
Amy Roloff is holding the birthday girl here. Indeed: Ember Jean Roloff is now a year old!


Ember picks away at her cake in this photo, which was shared online by her very excited mother.

5. Celebration for Ember

Celebration for Ember
Talk about a beautiful family, right? We wish we had been invited to Ember's first-ever birthday party!

6. Birthday Gal!!

Birthday Gal!!
Ember is front and center for this precious picture of the freshly-minted one-year old.

7. Smash That Cake

Smash That Cake
Go for it, Ember. Don't hold back. You have permission to get as messy as possible!

8. Kisses for the 1-Year Old

Kisses for the 1-Year Old
We love this photo. We simply love it. Look here at how Audrey and Jeremy are embracing their little girl on her big day.

9. The Celebration

The Celebration
This scene says it all: Two happy parents, one very happy and very full and excited little girl.

10. Mmmm... Cake

Mmmm... Cake
Scarf that sugary goodness down, Ember. It's your big day. You've earned it.

11. Look Who Was on Hand!

Look Who Was on Hand!
Cousin love! Ember is so excited here to say hello to Jackson - and Tori and Zach - as she sat down to chomp down on cake.

12. Crowned a 1-Year Old!

Crowned a 1-Year Old!
Ember rocks this flower crown with major cuteness on the occasion of her first birthday.

13. With Her Pops

With Her Pops
"I’m so glad I get to be your dad. You are a gift that keeps on giving, and so I will give back with all I have," wrote Jeremy as a caption to this snapshot.

14. With Her Not-So-Little Girl

With Her Not-So-Little Girl
Audrey can hardly believe it. Her child is no longer a baby. She's now a toddler!

15. A Special Kiss

A Special Kiss
Audrey plants a kiss on her birthday girl in this sweet image. Just so special, you know?

16. What Did Audrey Have to Say About This Milestone?

What Did Audrey Have to Say About This Milestone?
The former TLC star was a mess of lovely emotion. Scroll down to read her lengthy Instagram message/caption in response to this big day...

17. She's ONE!

She's ONE!
"I can’t even," opened Audrey. "My baby girl is ONE. All day I’ve been trying to put words to my emotions, but I just can’t. I know that might seem cliché, but it’s the unvarnished truth. Maybe it hasn’t hit me yet. I have a one year old?! What happened to the palm-sized, squinty-eyed, sweetly-swaddled little miracle that we brought into the world 365 days ago?"

18. More. Always More.

More. Always More.
"And I thought I loved with all the love I was humanly capable of loving with then... but then God gave me more. More thankfulness, more joy, more understanding, more faith, more peace, and more love. So much more love."

19. In Conclusion?

In Conclusion?
"Ember Jean you light up our lives in the best way. You have a firey determination, eagerness to learn, hilarious expressions, brave curiosity and the most tender heart. It is an honor to be your mother. September 10th 2017 is Sharpied into my memory. Happy birthday Ember girlsie. We love you always, always more. #alwaysmore #emberjean."

20. And Amy's Message to Her Granddaughter?

And Amy's Message to Her Granddaughter?
"Happy 1st Birthday to my beautiful grand-daughter Ember Jean What a fun and blessed day celebrating her! Love you forever and always."

21. And Matt Roloff?

And Matt Roloff?
"Our precious Ember Jean is One year old today! Such a sweet blessing she is. Happy Birthday Ember! Love grandpa."

22. And Tori Roloff?

And Tori Roloff?
"Happy birthday to my beautiful niece. You have lived up to your name baby girl. You are such a light in this world. You are so spunky and fun and I have loved getting to watch you grow this past year. I’m so thankful j has a cousin so close in age and I love seeing you two together. Happy birthday Ember Jean. We love you so much pretty girl."

23. And a Few Final Words from Dad:

And a Few Final Words from Dad:
"Happy 1st birthday sweet girl! A year has already passed and it feels like only a day. I love your lively demeanor and graceful spirit, your brilliant smile, big lips, and piercing eyes. You are a masterpiece of creation and I pray that by now you know your Creator and love Him like Mom and Dad do. You are a bright light of joy to those who are shaded with the days troubles. When work has Mom and I short tempered and high strung, you always seem to make us laugh and relax. It’s been a joy getting to know you. You’re beautiful, unique, and loved."

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