Ashton Kutcher Gives Passionate Statement on Refugees at SAG Awards!

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Last night, Hollywood's biggest stars gathered together in a big, fancy room to pat each other on the back and to congratulate themselves on jobs well done.

Yes, last night, the SAG Awards happened.

And while it would have been perfectly fine if all the actors simply got dressed up and kept things light -- that is a big part of their job, after all -- they didn't.

Since the awards fell on a day when thousands of people across the country were protesting Donald Trump's latest executive order, that endlessly awful Muslim Ban, things were a little more serious.

And Ashton Kutcher set the tone for that in his opening speech.

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Right at the beginning of the show, in the very first sentence, Ashton made sure that everyone knew what was up.

"Good evening fellow SAG-AFTRA members and everyone at home," he began, "and everyone in airports that belong in MY AMERICA."

His passion, as well as his anger that he even had to make a statement like that was undeniable.

All the tragic things that happened this weekend must have hit home for him -- after all, his wife, the amazing Mila Kunis, came to the U.S. as a refugee from Ukraine when she was a child.

Watch Ashton's moving speech below:

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