Ashley Iaconetti on Bachelor in Paradise: I May Not Come Back a Virgin!

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Will Ashley Iaconetti leave Bachelor in Paradise as virginal as the day she arrived? She's hinting at a possible status change in this clip.

On Monday's episode, Ashley losing her virginity seemed like a matter of when, not if, as she prepared for her big date with crush Jared.

According to TMZ, however, that's just a clever tease (much like Kardashley herself) and she did not give it up. Nor will she anytime soon.

Producers fed her those lines, which is not really a surprise given the show we're talking about, but she takes it more seriously than that.

Or takes her fame, if you can call it that, more seriously at least. The v-card is her whole "angle" on the franchise ... that and crying a lot.

In any case, she's not going to trade it in for just any d--k off the street, and we all know the characters in Paradise are hit or miss at best.

Good news for guys who may want to get Ashley Iaconetti pregnant someday; no worries about her being sullied by reality TV d-bags.

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