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Will Ashley Iaconetti leave Bachelor in Paradise as virginal as the day she arrived? She’s hinting at a possible status change in this clip.

On Monday’s episode, Ashley losing her virginity seemed like a matter of when, not if, as she prepared for her big date with crush Jared.

According to TMZ, however, that’s just a clever tease (much like Kardashley herself) and she did not give it up. Nor will she anytime soon.

Producers fed her those lines, which is not really a surprise given the show we’re talking about, but she takes it more seriously than that.

Or takes her fame, if you can call it that, more seriously at least. The v-card is her whole "angle" on the franchise … that and crying a lot.

In any case, she’s not going to trade it in for just any d–k off the street, and we all know the characters in Paradise are hit or miss at best.

Good news for guys who may want to get Ashley Iaconetti pregnant someday; no worries about her being sullied by reality TV d-bags.