Taylor Swift Farts on Camera, Internet Loses Its Mind

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Before the 2015 VMAs on Sunday night, Taylor Swift introduced the video for "Wildest Dreams" on the red carpet.

She also let one rip in front of her entire girl squad and millions of viewers. Or so the many, many people who shared the Vine below would have us believe.

Look, we may never know for sure if Taylor dealt it, because frankly, none us smelt it.

MTV claims the sound you hear was a malfunctioning mic, but it seems to correspond a bit too well with the look of shock and the memory of an ill-considered stop at Chipotle that flashes across Taylor's face.

Anyway, we'll probably never know the truth, as the only nose-witnesses were a handful of MTV crew members who have probably been fixed with cement loafers by now, and the members of the ever-growing Swifty chick clique.

And obviously they'll never talk. Calling Taylor out for filling the air with anything other than catchy pop jams and a faint whiff of Obsession by Calvin Klein has gotta be against the girl squad rules of conduct.

Sadly, this time, Taylor can't blame Kanye for interrupting her. The only culprit here is an unfortunate combination of pre-show jitters and over-tight Spanx. It's a rare phenomenon we call spanxiousness.

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