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Possibly soon-to-be fired from Modern Family actress Ariel Winter isn’t afraid to show off a little skin, as she showed off this weekend.

And for that, we thank her. All day.

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On the heels of last week’s daring Ariel Winter swimsuit photo came a dramatic return of the provocative piece at a Saturday pool party.

Winter, 18, flaunted her insane curves in the swimwear, which features strappy ladder cut-out sections in the front and on the sides.

We have two words: Day. Umm.

Pairing it with tiny Daisy Duke jean shorts and nude heels – cut-outs and short shorts are Winter’s wardrobe staples – she won summer.

Officially. It’s no contest.

The UCLA-bound actress rocked a similarly unique swimsuit with crocheted midsection for a spa outing and to the hair salon last week.

While the star has been criticized in the past for her curvy body, she hasn’t been afraid to clap back at those who would shame her. 

"I’ve been body shamed for just about everything I could be body shamed for," she told the hosts of The Talk, as a guest host in July.

"It can destroy a person," she said of the bullying she faces, like so many others, "I think it’s disgusting that’s what people spend time on."

Our suggestion:

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Keep posting Ariel Winter topless photos every chance she gets. That way, she gives the fans what they want, and trolls the haters too.

Kill ’em with kindness.

Or topless as it were.

By giving them the ammo they need to expose themselves as pathetic haters, yet defing them by giving zero f–ks, Ariel is a winner in our book.

As you may know, Winter had breast reduction surgery last year, and she’s spoken openly about the experience on multiple occasions.

In doing so, she’s endeared herself to so many girls who face body image struggles (as well as to teenage dudes for other reasons).

This is a girl who posts photos of herself naked in a bathtub, but only risque to the point of being tasteful. She knows where to draw the line.

What’s not to love?