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Ariana Grande is trying to make it more clear than ever these days:

She really does love the United States of America!

The young singer, of course, had her patriotism questioned a couple weeks ago after she stopped by a donut shop, took a look at the store’s delicious array of dessert items and declared on video: I hate America.

The backlash against Grande was strong and swift, with celebrities such as Rob Lowe randomly coming out against her, even following an apology.

This caused Grande to issue a second apology on video, and it also caused Grande to make a loud statement on stage in concert in Florida this week.

"I’m so grateful to be here in Tampa!" she says in the above video, going out of her way to add the following:

"And I’m so, so grateful to be performing in the USA, the greatest country on the world!"

Watch Ariana announce her affection for America and then react: Can we finally let this issue go?