Ariana Grande Gains "Focus," Releases Music Video

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Ariana Grande is done licking donuts and hating on America.

She's done apologizing for that mistake and for trying to make amends to her fans and critics.

The young singer would just like to focus on actually singing and performing now, thank you very much.

Along those professional lines, Grande has released the official music video for the track "Focus."

Grande announced the release date for the song way back on September 15 and has been counting down to it ever since, joking on Instagram that "this countdown as long af, but it's ok because our countdowns are one of my favorite parts about putting out new music!!!"

“Surprise !!!! it’s here!!!!” she wrote on Twitter after the song dropped on iTunes. “I really feel like I just gave birth…………………. #FOCUS IS FINALLY HERE.”

The track’s music video, directed by Hannah Lux Davis, then debuted on Vevo soon after. 

Grande went platinum blonde for the cover art for "Focus," or so we thought. She later said during a Australian radio interview that the hair was "white, actually."

Ariana, of course, is coming out with new music during a popular time for it in the pop music world.

Both One Direction and Justin Bieber are coming out with albums on November 13.

Is there room for those stars and for Grande? We think so. There's plenty of music to go around!

Check out Grande's most recent effort now. What do you think?

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