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There is so much in the Tell All promo for 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? Season 6.

We already covered Ronald accusing Tiffany of cheating in a bizarre and tense exchange.

But clearly, the main event is the always ill-behaved Angela Deem.

Her vile behavior has made her a star. Now, it is driving her to flash the audience her new breasts in a fit of rage.

At the beginning of Angela Deem’s segment of the Tell All promo, Shaun Robinson is asking the hard questions.

Angela famously flirted with one of her surgeons, Dr. Obeng.

Has she only seen the handsome doctor in professional settings?

No — Angela admits to Shaun that she has, in fact, attended his birthday party after flirting with him.

This is deeply hypocritical from a woman who yells and screams at her husband when he so much as speaks to another woman.

But then, Angela Deem didn’t become the most hated star in a recent fan poll by not being a raging hypocrite.

In the promo, Michael Illesanmi asks his wife why she didn’t tell him about this earlier.

Whether he was aware of this (it was no secret that Angela attended Dr. Obeng’s party) at the time, Michael seems unhappy.

Being her usual toxic self, Angela tells Michael to "shut up." Unconscionably rude.

Aunt Lydia (literally her name is Lydia and she is Michael’s aunt; we’re not just calling her that because she wants Angela to have a baby) tunes in.

"I want good things for Michael," she says, apparently setting off Angela (what doesn’t?).

"Who gives a s–t; you’re not his wife," Angela spits back at Lydia.

Tasteless and disgusting as ever, Angela’s next combative move is to imply that Lydia should only care about Michael’s well-being if she’s sleeping with him.

Lydia is understandably horrified and disgusted.

Angela will always be Angela. If she wanted to be a good person, she would be at her big age.

Angela, for some reason dressed and styled like it’s the ’70s, stands up furiously.

Fortunately, Lydia is in Nigeria and therefore a safe distance away from the 90 Day Fiance ogre.

But when Lydia tells Angela to "respect" her husband, Angela exacts revenge upon her — and everyone else.

Angela marches up to the camera to yell directly at the screen.

As her castmates watch on with fascination and horror, she delivers an obscenity-filled rant at Lydia.

Notably, Shaun Robinson can already be seen in the background, likely embarrassed to share a stage with such a creature.

Despite her appearance, Angela Deem is only in her mid-fifties.

She is, however, already a grandmother to a gaggle of grandchildren.

None of that, nor social rules, nor concepts of professionalism prevented the horror show that followed.

For reasons perhaps known only to her, Angela pulled down her top.

She was not wearing a bra (prompting many to wonder where she stored her phone, keys, cigarettes, and other items).

Angela’s new breasts were on display, and even the blurred version of this will haunt our nightmares until the heat death of the universe.

We are not the only ones reeling in discomfort as Angela bears her assets.

Breasts can be beautiful, joyous things, but Angela’s were unwelcome in everyone’s field of view.

The members of the cast physically present in the studio were spared the worst of it.

Those like Ronald Smith who were participating remotely, on the other hand, got an eyefull.

Whatever we may think of Ronald’s behavior towards Tiffany, he did not deserve this.

Neither did Shaun Robinson, who cannot be getting paid enough to host this circus act.

Shaun is limited in what questions she can ask and topics she can bring up by production, who sometimes shy from important topics in order to keep a star marketable.

But in this moment, her reaction seems fully authentic and speaks for all of us.

Sadly, this may also tell us that the passionate fan campaign to get Angela fired won’t bear fruit. Angela’s bad behavior is just too darn entertaining.