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It really may happen, people!

With everyone in the free world dying for Amy Schumer to be The Bachelorette, Maria Menounos sat down with the comic and asked what it would take for her to star on this ABC reality hit.

And it sounds like Schumer would consider the gig under three conditions:

  1. MONEY! Back up the Brinks truck, ABC.
  2. Mocking how phony each interview with The Bachelorette sounds, Schumer said she would need permission to be herself at all times.
  3. Schumer says the "casting process" would need to be changed and no "turds" would be allowed to apply.

"I love when it’s like, ‘I have five kids at home but I just came here to follow my heart.’ It’s like maybe go take care of your kids?" she says.

"I would keep it very real. And I don’t know if it’s good for that show."

Watch now and see how Schumer feels about current Bachelorete Kaitlyn Bristowe.