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Everyone makes mistakes.

It’s just that not everyone’s mistakes take place on live television… in front of millions of viewers… and they don’t all involve the misguided shooting of a flaming arrow.

Allow us to explain…

Photo via NBC

On Tuesday’s not installment of America’s Got Talent, Ryan Stock once again aimed to shock and impress the judges.

This contestant has been known thus far death-defying stunts that included the use of drills and chainsaws, so it wasn’t stunning to see him go with a flaming arrow this time around.

As tension built to the climax of the audition, Stock’s assistance, AmberLynn Walker, grabbed a crossbow and climbed up high.

Stock bent over, with his hands on his knees and a target in his mouth.

AmberLynn then shot the arrow…

… and hit Stock in the neck.

Incredibly, Stock remained standing, clearly surprised and a bit hurt, although he insisted he was alright.

Still, an America’s Got Talent medical technician ran on stage to check on Ryan, sprinting back off when it appeared as if he actually was okay.

After remaining understandably quiet and concerned for a few moments, the judges awkwardly ran through their critiques until Simon Cowell piped in as the voice of reason and asked:

“Why are we even judging this?"

Stock was then hurried off stage.

He later took to Twitter and assured fans that he really is doing fine.

"We had a serious mishap tonight outage live on @nbcagt," he wrote. "A very unfortunate mechanical failure but I am very fortunate to walk away from it."

Naturally, the stunt quickly went viral, with viewers turning the mishap into the most buzzed-about thing to happen on AGT in ages.

“Finally #AGT figures out what #amurica wants to watch, a chick shooting her fiancé in the chest with a crossbow,” wrote @shortmenti, while another user added:

"Watching #AGT live shows and this chick literally just shot her fiancé in the collar with a flaming crossbow on accident. This show is crazy."

Stock is safe and sound, so feel free to watch the following video and even to laugh at it if the mood strikes you.

It really is pretty nuts!