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Amber Portwood has raised a whole lot of eyebrows with this "mommy makeover" she had last month.

In recent appearances and Instagram selfies, she’s looked significantly different: she looks much thinner, her boobs look much bigger.

Some people say her face looks a little tweaked too, but let’s put that aside for the moment.

Amber has been pretty vague about what exactly she had done during her plastic surgery extravaganza, even once saying that technically, she didn’t even get plastic surgery.

She’s said that she didn’t get a tummy tuck, but that she did get some "lifting and contouring," but still, she hasn’t really laid out what specific procedures she had done.

Amber Portwood Mommy Makeover Photo

But now, in this new sneak peek from next week’s episode of Teen Mom OG, we’re starting to get a clearer picture.

And it looks like Amber just might have changed her whole damn body.

It helps that Amber shared some personal video footage that someone, presumably her sketchy boyfriend, Matt Baier, took at the hospital where she had the surgery.

(You can see her face very plainly in the footage, so unless she has superhuman healing capabilities, she’s telling the truth about not messing with her face.)

Check out the somewhat graphic footage right here: