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After years of mostly discouraging news, the past few weeks have offered some hopeful updates about the troubled life of Amanda Bynes.

In February, Bynes filed to end her conservatorship, which was put in place after she began exhibiting erratic behavior back in 2013.

The surprise move came just weeks after a judge extended Bynes’ conservatorship until 2023.

Many fans believe that Amanda’s fight for freedom was inspired by Britney Spears’ successful battle to end her conservatorship.

Amanda Bynes Addresses Fans

Last week, Amanda shared an update with fans on Instagram, revealing that her court date is coming up much sooner than expected.

"My court date is coming up in two weeks. I want to thank you all for your love and support," she said in a video posted to her Instagram account.

Until recently Amanda’s social media pages had been seldom-used.

Amanda Bynes in 2020

This week, however, she decided to share several updates, most of which were silent, close-up videos of her face.

The reason for behind these unusual posts appears to be two-fold:

1. Amanda is having her face tattoo removed, and she wants to keep followers updated on her progress.

Amanda Bynes Wants Out

2. She’s also opening up about past insecurities she’s experienced with regard to her appearance.

Like many former child stars, Amanda has been listening to grownups comment on her looks since she was very young.

Quite understandably, the harshest of these comments had a profoundly negative effect on her self-esteem.

Amanda Bynes' Tattoo Removal Pic

Amanda says she avoids paprazzi whenever possible these days, and she posts photos and video of herself to counteract what she sees as unflattering photos that appear in the press whenever she goes out in public.

"The videos and pictures I post are in a flattering light, or in the shade outside, without the sun blasting on my face," Bynes explained in a recent Instagram Story.

"The reason I don’t usually look great in paparazzi pictures is because I’m squinting in the sun," she captioned one of the videos she posted this week.

"The videos and pictures I post are in a flattering light, or in the shade outside, without the sun blasting on my face."

It’s possible that Amanda is sharing these insights in the hope that fans and the media will begin to realize that much of her erratic behavior was the result of being forced to grow up too fast in an unforgiving environment.

The public is far more sympathetic to Britney than it was in the days of her infamous "meltdown," and it seems that Amanda is hoping to receive the same treatment.

Amanda Bynes Face Tattoo

As for her upcoming hearing, it seems that Amanda will have a much easier time than Ms. Spears, as her parents do not intend to interfere with her quest for freedom.

"The parents are happy, thrilled to get this good news," says Tamar Arminak, the attorney who will be representing Amanda’s mom and dad.

"The professionals say she is ready to make her own life choices and decisions and are so proud of her."

Amanda Bynes Leaves the Obsev Studios Holiday Party

According to recent comments from Amanda’s attorney David A. Esquibias, both sides agreed to end the conservatorship "when it is no longer convenient for Amanda." 

So there you have it.

Amanda’s past, as we’re learning, is much darker than anyone realized — but it seems there’s plenty of reason to be hopeful about her future.