Ali Vincent Breaks Down Over Biggest Loser Weight Gain

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Ali Vincent, The Biggest Loser winner in 2008 -- also the show's first female winner -- packed on nearly all of the weight she lost for the fitness reality show. 

In an interview with TD Jakes, Vincent admitted, "The Biggest Loser gave me the opportunity to believe in myself, and I don't know that I ever really did," she wept.  

"Do I really deserve to have everything that I dream of?" she asked, tearfully, explaining that she had results, and everyone was rooting for her. 

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Visibly shaken, the recently married Ali Vincent rambled on and pondered that happiness isn't deserved, but that happiness is given instead. 

Jakes finally cut to the chase and asked the former show contestant why she thought she didn't deserve to be happy, and whether or not she was sabotaging her own happiness. 

Her answer? 

"I don't know. I know that I am." 

"I'm 41 years old," Vincent said. "When am I just gonna own my own stuff?"

"It has nothing to do with age," the pastor interrupted, shutting Ali's sad self-deprecation down. 

"You could be 91," he continued. 

"Until you confront whatever it is that's eating at you, it will live forever." 

"You gotta go get that thing," he concluded," and you gotta confront it." 

Perhaps the most poignant bit of advice Jakes offered Vincent was, "You cannot allow what happened to you to control what is possible for you." 

"I may have been through that," he concluded, "but I am not that."  

Earlier this year, Vincent wrote a lengthy Facebook post about her shame over gaining the weight back.

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She said, "On April 16th I did one of the hardest things in my life."

"I joined Weight Watchers and weighed in close to the weight I started at on The Biggest Loser, " she continued.

"I swore I would never be there again, be here again."

"I couldn't imagine a day again that I would weigh over 200 pounds," Vincent admitted.

"I feel ashamed. I feel embarrassed. I feel overwhelmed."

"I feel like failure," she sadly revealed. 

Vincent asserted that a sexual assault helped trigger the weight gain.  

In October, she told Oprah that she'd been molested during a massage. 

"I haven't talked about it because it's not something you just talk about," she revealed.

"A lot of things have changed over the last couple of years in my life."

"I moved ... to Northern California; my routine completely changed," Vincent reasoned.

"I've realized, over the last year, as I've gained this weight, it was so much of my life slowed down, that a lot of stuff came up that I just hadn't dealt with."

Check out the emotional video with TD Jakes below.  

Poor thing. 

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