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At the tail end of January, we reported that Alaskan Bush People‘s new season has a premiere date.

Now, almost two weeks later, that premiere date has been confirmed — and we now have a trailer to go with it.

Take a look and see what Season 9 has in store!

Alaskan Bush People Returns for Season 9
(Discovery Channel)

On March 3, the ninth season of Alaskan Bush People will begin.

"We just want to get back to who we are," family patriarch Billy Brown explains in a voiceover on the trailer.

"This," Bam Bam admits. "Is an entirely new chapter."

And there’s more to that massive change than the family’s move to rural Washington state.

The entire Brown family feels reborn after Ami Brown’s triumphant defeat of lung cancer.

"It’s going to be hard. It’s hard not to get excited about that," Billy says of their work on their recently-acquired 435 acres of land.

Billy says: "We’re building something that’s going to last from generation to generation."

That is the dream for so many families.

For the Browns, this new homestead represents so much.

It’s true that they’re multimillionaires who can live literally wherever they want, and who own a Beverly Hills mansion.

But they’re rebuilding in their new home after Ami’s cancer almost tore their family apart.

It looks like this season, which is expected to be fairly short, will focus upon the family getting back to their roots.

Because Ami has to travel to Southern California for cancer screenings several times a year, they are not always accustomed to living on the land.

The trailer teases them getting accustomed to their homestead, with a number of the family’s sons plunging into a tub of freezing cold water.

That’s certainly one way to embrace the elements.

There is also some very happy news.

Fans already know that, in November, Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha welcomed their Alaskan Bush person.

In the trailer, Noah and Rhain can both be seen presenting Ami with a glitter-covered piece of posterboard.

On it, fans can see Rhain’s ultrasound.

This is a huge deal for Noah and Rhain, of course, but it’s also Ami’s very first grandchild.

"I thank God he let me live to see that," Ami gushes in the trailer.

That’s so sweet.

We don’t really see much one-on-one content from Gabe Brown.

Late last fall, we learned that Gabe Brown filed to marry Raquell Rose.

That is such exciting news … but we’ve barely heard a peep about it since then.

It’s unclear if the two of them got married but were able to keep it under wraps … or if things fizzled out.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Gabe and Raquell filed for the marriage certificate but didn’t actually tie the knot before the deadline.

That’s odd, but doesn’t necessarily mean that they broke up.

Perhaps this season will give viewers some insight into Gabe’s current love life.

Rain Brown, who turned 16 late last year, teased the new season on her Instagram.

"Watch out! new season of @alaskanbushppl Sunday March 3rd!!!" Rain announced.

She instructed fans to watch "On discovery and discovery GO."

"This last year has been an absolute roller coaster," she teased. "And I hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did!"

We’re definitely excited to check it out.