Alaskan Bush People Season 9 Premiere Date Revealed!

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As we reported last fall, Alaskan Bush People was renewed for Season 9.

That ninth season now has a premiere date.

And it's sooner than you might think. Take a look:

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

According to The Discovery Channel, no actual release date has been officially announced for Alaskan Bush People.

But that doesn't mean that a date hasn't been set. They just haven't chosen to reveal it yet.

However, TV Insider has reported that the captivating reality series will begin airing again on Sunday, March 3.

Three new episodes will begin airing at 8pm on that date, the report says.

Take note that we're reporting this at the end of January, right before the shortest month of the year. 

If this report holds true, you'll be seeing Alaskan Bush People within 32 days.

Rain Brown landscape photo washington in winter

The landscape that you see here in this landscape photo snapped by 16-year-old Rain Brown is not of Alaska, but of Washington.

Handling the family's transition from living in both Alaska and Beverly Hills to living in rural Washington was only part of last season's struggle.

The entire family adjusted to their new life, but most of everyone's attention was on family matriarch Ami Brown.

Ami had survived a lengthy cancer battle -- one that was widely expected to claim her life in 2017.

But Ami is still around -- and continuing to be regularly screened for the cancer's resurgence.

And she was not the only member of the family whose personal ups and downs captured the attention of fans.

Matt Brown Photo

In November, Matt Brown checked out of rehab after 30 days.

This time, he is committed to remaining sober.

He is reportedly making use of meetings, a sober coach, and the emotional support of his family.

This was his second time in rehab, but the first was years ago.

Matt explained that he relapsed during his mother's cancer battle.

Almost all substance abuse is some sort of coping mechanism. We are so glad that Matt is taking these steps to secure his health.

Noah Brown and Rhain Alisha, Black and White

Noah Brown will welcom a new Alaskan Bush baby with his wife, Rhain Aisha.

Their due date is this spring.

Noah was sometimes seen as the family "black sheep" by fans, but they were overjoyed to see him tie the knot.

He and Rhain married after a not-too-lengthy engagement.

Hey, when you know, you know.

Rain Brown, Gabe Brown, Raquell Rose

Rain shared this photo some time ago of herself third-wheeling with her brother, Gabe Brown, and his girlfriend.

Raquell Rose and Rain are besties, so she's of course happy that the two of them are so happy together.

In October, it was reported that Gabe Brown may marry Raquell.

Neither of them ever made an actual announcement.

However, perhaps inspired by Noah's nuptials (that's just fan speculation, though), Gabe reportedly filed for a marriage license late last year.

We do not yet know their current status, but we are of course very happy for them.

Rain Brown in the Sunlight

And that brings us to Rain, who turned 16 years old last November.

Though the youngest in the family (until Rhain gives birth), Rain is the family's de facto spokesperson.

Rain's social media presence boasts nearly 100,000 Instagram followers.

She has been open about discussing her emotional highs and lows.

"Don’t let the clouds fool you," she wrote alongside a photo of herself in the sunlight. "The sun's always there"

"Stay strong," she tagged her post. "Stay happy."

Rain Brown Discusses Depression

Rain has been very open with fans and followers about her battle with depression.

As recently as Wednesday morning, she took to Instagram to deliver an update.

"Some days are so bad all you can do is lay in bed," she confesses.

"On those days," Rain writes. "It helps to have an angel by your side."

"Love you mr PT bardum," she praises her cat. "You’re my strength."

"It's okay not to be okay," she tagged the post.

She is absolutely right.

We cannot wait to catch up with the whole family on March 3!

In the mean time, we look forward to seeing a trailer in the next few weeks.

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