Alaskan Bush People Preview: Bird Brown Hunts Bison!

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Fans are excited that Alaskan Bush People is back for Season 9, and the next episode has a lot to offer.

As the trailer that we have included reveals, the Brown family is going on a special trip..

It's their very first bison hunt.

Alaskan Bush People bison hunt trailer 03

"There's nothing better than a little adventure," family patriarch Billy Brown says at the start of the trailer.

He then predicts: "This oughta be the darndest trip we've ever been on, guys."

He then shares that it's a hunting trip, and that he has a particular quarry in mind.

"We're going buffalo hunting," Billy announces.

Oh wow!

That is going to be ... controversial, among other things.

Alaskan Bush People bison hunt trailer 5

As you can see from the video, he is clearly referring to bison, not to buffalo -- an all-too-common mistake.

Buffalo are a species that live in Europe and Asia. Bison live in the Americas.

Bird admits that this is a new one for her.

"I've never actually seen a buffalo in person."

And she still has not, but she's now seen bison.

Alaskan Bush People bison hunt trailer 02

"As he's charging," Billy predicts. "You'll realize it's a buffalo."

Rain asks: "They charge you?"

Yes, though if you're hunting a large animal and it gets close enough to charge you, you've probably made some sort of catastrophic mistake.

"I wouldn't mind making a yearly tradition out of this," Billy confesses.

Astoundingly, Bird says: "I agree."

Alaskan Bush People bison hunt trailer 01

There's a reason for which the Brown family is embarking upon this trip.

"Winter's getting close," Billy notes.

He notes that "It's time to really seriously start preparing."

The Brown family has been known to hunt deer and sustain themselves upon hunted meat during the past.

Billy then says something along the lines of "we can't afford," followed by something unintelligible.

Alaskan Bush People bison hunt trailer 06

The trailer then gives viewers a minimal context glimpse of Bird looking down the scope, presumably at a bison.

"Just be patient," one voice says.

Another cautions: "We're gonna lose our shot, Bird."

Finally, another voice advises: "Take it."

Bird fires a shot.

Alaskan Bush People bison hunt trailer 04

Now, is this legal?

Though Billy and Ami both have criminal histories, we imagine that now that they have so much to lose, they got the necessary permits.

(They're going on camera)

Is this ethical?

Well, bison are no longer endangered -- they are classified as "near threatened," with a stable population.

This is a very recent change.

Alaskan Bush People, Family Photo

If you believe that there's ever an excuse for millionaires to hunt wild animals for fun when grocery stores exist, sure, this is ethical.

If you don't believe that but you're curious about how bison tastes, you should know that bison farms exist.

Presumably, the Brown family know about those, too -- but a family going grocery shopping doesn't really have the same suspense or entertainment value.

Remember, the Browns have become very wealthy through their show, but they can only continue the show by maintaining this lifestyle on camera.

Some fans and viewers feel tricked and deceived.

Others just accept that it's all part of show business.

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