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When Kourtney Kardashian needs a dating app to meet men, suddenly my life begins to feel a bit more whole.

Yes, the eldest (and some say hottest, but definitely the most normal) Kardashian sister now has an active profile on the dating app Bumble.

If you haven’t heard of Bumble, it’s basically the same thing as Tinder, with fewer douchebags.

And if you haven’t heard of Tinder, that means for the last five years you’ve either been cryogenically frozen in a capsule or blissfully married with zero single friends and no internet access.

As part of a Snapchat story, Kylie Jenner surreptitiously got hold of her sister’s phone and created a dating profile for her on the app.

Kylizzle uploaded a few photos and included Kourtney’s name, age and alma mater (University of Arizona – yep, Kourt’s the only Kardashian with a degree).

When Kourtney learned of her little sister’s stunt, she flipped through the photos and asked, "Wait, what is this? What’s happening?"

"It really is normal, everybody’s doing it," Kylie assured her.

"But girls make the first move, so you can make the first move," she added, explaining the rules of Bumble.

"I just gotta take care of my big sister," Kylie later told followers in a separate snap.

Was this little act pre-planned? Um, yeah.

Sponsored? Most likely.

But cute nonetheless.

Except for a rumored fling with Justin Bieber, Kourtney’s been single since splitting up with baby daddy Scott Disick last year.

Is she ready to date? She hasn’t indicated, but I’m sadly familiar with the randos on these apps and I hardly think she’d bother.

Perhaps this is how Kylie met her new beau, PartyNextDoor, whose moniker actually sounds like it could be an online dating username.

The youngest Jenner is reportedly dating the rapper after ditching her other rapper, Tyga, a couple weeks ago.

Happy Bumbling, Kourtney.