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As this season of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way winds to a close, the original series itself is almost back.

TLC just dropped the first trailer for Season 8, showing new couples and some very familiar faces … and a whole lot of drama.

Julia to Brandon - is pregnant or not? (90 Day Fiance)

Three of these couples are familiar to longtime 90 Day Fiance fans, especially those who have seen Before The 90 Days.

Four of them are brand new, bringing their own fresh dynamics and complicated backstories, challenges, and drama.

And even some of these returning couples are bringing brand new angles in the season that may make or break them.

Zied Hakimi to Rebecca Parrott -

Probably the most recognizable returning couple is Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi.

Rebecca is a fan-favorite, known for her no-nonsense statements, for intervening to protect her castmates, and for her liberal use of photo filters.

Seeing Zied get a tattoo is a surprise to many fans … but a mark of his commitment to marrying her.

Zied Hakimi arm tattoo

In addition to Zied getting a tattoo (making us wonder if he can even go home again), it looks like they’re dealing with a timing issue.

Zied is not always overly friendly in the way that he shares things, but it looks like he is eager to marry Rebecca.

Rebecca does not like feeling rushed, so she balks when he sets a deadline that’s basically an ultimatum.

Hazel Cagalitan arrives - there she is

Arguably tied with those two are Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan.

Tarik was of course bogged down in somewhat recent drama with Dean Hashim after the two left Pillow Talk with some hurt feelings.

But Tarik’s real, on-screen story is about Hazel.

Tarik Myers and Hazel Cagalitan

This season, Hazal is coming to the US where it looks like she and Tarik may be looking for a polyamorous situation.

They’re not shopping for a "unicorn" threesome — Hazel is bisexual and has been closeted for most of her life while living in the Philippines.

In the US, it looks like she wants to be able to live as her authentic self.

Hazel Cagalitan bi Pride 2019 post

That Hazel is bi is not actually new information — Tarik posted a tribute to her for Pride Month in 2019.

While not all (or even most) bi folks are polyamorous, it looks like Tarik is supportive.

We cannot emphasize enough how excited we are to watch this storyline in particular.

Hazel Cagalitan - I am excited about having a girlfriend

The third familiar couple is Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva.

Honestly, fans are shaking with the knowledge that these two are still together and trying to make it work long enough to show up on an other season.

We all remember how miserably unhappy they both seemed, even without their major religious conflict factored in.

Natalie Mordotseva - I have to leave the country

This season, we’re going to see things get … even worse, it looks like.

Last season, it was Natalie hesitating to use words like "love" and making Mike leave the room upset.

Now, Natalie’s in tears and calling Mike a "monster" for making her leave.

90 Day Fiance Season 8 Julia Shows Brandon Her Blurs

On to the new blood, we have Brandon and Julia, a young and attractive couple.

Julia is Russian. Brandon is from a conservative American farming family who expect to see Julia work as a farmhand.

As if the prospect of farm labor weren’t nightmare fodder enough, it looks like their relationship will have ultimatums and a pregnancy scare.

Jovi Dufren Hears Whispers

Then there are Jovi and Yara.

These two seem to fall into the familiar role of a pair of young people who met and hooked up on vacation.

Having fun boning and even catching feelings is not the same thing as being compatible, or ready to commit.

Stephanie Offers Gifts on 90 Day Fiance Season 8

Stephanie is a businesswoman in her early 50s who is pretty new to the world of serious relationships.

Ryan is from Belize and appears to be considerably younger.

Given that Stephanie says the words "sugar mama" in the trailer as Ryan asks for gifts, we may be looking at a "scammer" storyline … but we’ve all been surprised before.

Amira on 90 Day Fiance: nobody deserves to go through that

Andrew and Amira appear to be an age-appropriate couple who fell head over heels for each other very quickly.

Amira — whose voice was distinctly French in the trailer — runs into complications on her journey to be with Andrew.

It looks like she will have an immigration detention horror story to share. As she says in the trailer, nobody deserves to go through that.

Season 8 premieres on December 6.