90 Day Fiance Season 8: Meet The New (and Familiar) Couples!

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90 Day Fiance has what feels like dozens of spinoffs, but the franchise all started with the original series.

That series is returning for Season 8 on December 6.

Below, you can see the three familiar, returning couples and meet the four brand new couples.

These stars each have their own stories and backgrounds -- some more unique than others.

Each couple has their own drama potential.

Season 8 looks like it will have the franchise's first polyamorous storyline, something that is welcome and long overdue.

We'll see young couples, age gaps, and couples struggling with our immigration system just as the pandemic hits.

Read about the new stars and then watch the Season 8 trailer for yourself:

1. Rebecca and Zied

Rebecca and Zied
Rebecca Parrott and Zied Hakimi are familiar faces for 90 Day Fiance fans. She's 49 and American. He's 27 and Tunisian. We have already watched some of their struggles Before The 90 Days. Now it's time for their K-1 visa journey to unfold.

2. Zied has had a lot of growth

Zied has had a lot of growth
We all remember how Rebecca's tattoos went over when she met his family, but he's shown getting one in the trailer for Season 8.

3. That's not the end of their conflict, however

That's not the end of their conflict, however
Zied and Rebecca still have religious differences. In the trailer for the season, Zied seems to be demanding that Rebecca marry him before Ramadan, giving them a wedding deadline that she didn't expect.

4. Brandon and Julia

Brandon and Julia
Brandon is a 27-year-old American from Virginia. Julia is a 26-year-old go go dancer from Russia. The two hit it off online and, after five months, they met up in Iceland ... where Brandon proposed.

5. They have different lifestyles

They have different lifestyles
Julia worked in clubs. Brandon spent so much money on his Iceland trip that he and Julia need to stay at his family's farm ... and are expected to labor there, too. While Julia is a lot of fun, it looks like there may be a cultural clash with his conservative, rural family.

6. And that's just a taste of the drama

And that's just a taste of the drama
In addition to Julia appearing to set some sort of ultimatum, it also looks like the two of them have a pregnancy scare.

7. Tarik and Hazel

Tarik and Hazel
Tarik Myers is in his early 40s and from Virginia. Hazel Cagalitan is 28 and from the Philippines. These two are no strangers to fans, and Tarik (and his brother, Dean) is a fan favorite.

8. Now, Hazel is coming to the US

Now, Hazel is coming to the US
She's bringing her 8-year-old son, Harry, with her. But there's more to their story.

9. Hazel is bi

Hazel is bi
While not all (or even most) bisexual folks are also polyamorous, Hazel and Tarik go shopping for a girlfriend for Hazel, who has lived her life in the closet at home in the Philippines and now wants to be her authentic self.

10. Her sexuality isn't new information

Her sexuality isn't new information
A year and a half ago, Tarik posted this image for Pride 2019. Those are of course the colors of the bi flag.

11. This will be an exciting season!

This will be an exciting season!
90 Day Fiance's first polyamorous storyline and one of only a few openly bisexual stars that the show has seen combined with a fan-favorite like Tarik ... we're looking forward to it.

12. Andrew and Amira

Andrew and Amira
Andrew is a 32-year-old American. Amira is French and 28. All that it took for him to propose was a romantic weekend in Las Vegas. They may have plunged into their relationship a little too quickly ... and their timing could not have been worse.

13. Amira ends up in detention

Amira ends up in detention
Though things may be very different in just a few months, right now is the worst time in most of our lifetimes for someone to immigrate to the US. Between extremely hostile immigration policies and the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like she's stuck in lockup for some time and Andrew is powerless to help her. It's a nightmare and we wouldn't wish it on our worst enemies.

14. Stephanie and Ryan

Stephanie and Ryan
Stephanie is a 52-year-old businesswoman from Michigan who has never had a real, serious relationship. She met 27-year-old Ryan in Belize where they hit it off. (Side note ... does anyone else think that this photo of the two of them looks like TLC edited them into the same pic?)

15. But ...

But ...
Stephanie herself admits that she's beginning to feel like his sugar mama, since she is financially supporting him and giving him pricey gifts. They also get into disagreements about his flirty behavior.

16. Mike and Natalie

Mike and Natalie
We can hardly BELIEVE that Mike Youngquist and Natalie Mordovtseva stayed together long enough to film a new season. These 35 year olds have major differences, from religion to how they feel about each other.

17. Things move quickly

Things move quickly
Natalie realizes that she has to move to be with Mike in the US within 20 days of receiving her K-1 visa, which really rushes them into a situation that neither of them seems prepared for. From the looks of this trailer, things end very, very poorly.

18. Jovi and Yara

Jovi and Yara
29-year-old American Jovi Dufren and 25-year-old Ukrainian Yara Zaya were supposed to just be a hookup. However, a simple dating app match blossomed into a relationship. Yara got pregnant and Jovi proposed ... and then she suffered a miscarriage.

19. But ...

But ...
It looks like Jovi isn't ready to settle down -- that's the narrative driven home repeatedly in the trailer, at least. Sometimes, vacation flings and surprise pregnancies can bring people together when they're just not compatible. Only time will tell how things work out for Jovi and Yara.

20. Watch the trailer for yourself

Season 8 premieres on December 6, 2020. 90 Day Fiance is at its best with the original show that started it all, so we're feeling the hype!

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