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Ariela Weinberg and Biniyam Shibre were unhappier than ever on this week’s 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way.

On the one hand, Biniyam seems to ignore problems for way too long. On the other … Ariela’s response is nothing short of bananas.

Ariela Weinberg holds baby Avi at home

On Season 2, Episode 19 of 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way, Ariela and Biniyam’s lives have settled into a rhythm.

Unfortunately, much of that rhythm appears to involve Biniyam working long hours at his very sexy job, while Ariela feels alone with the baby.

And when she’s not alone … well, that’s not always fun, either. At the very least, she wishes that guests would text first.

Ariela Weinberg would prefer a little more privacy

We see Biniyam’s sister, Wish, and family friend Artemis show up to chat with Ariela on camera.

For reasons perhaps known only to him, Artemis appears to taunt Ariela a little bit about how attractive foreigners like to watch Biniyam perform … and how they are his type.

This fans the flames of preexisting jealousies that Ariela is harboring.

Ariela Weinberg visited by Wish and Artemis

But later, it gets much worse, as Ariela reveals how paranoia has pushed her to toxic behaviors.

“I recently started going through his phone because he gets a lot of phone calls from a lot of people and he has a lot of numbers in his phone," Ariela reveals.

She complains: "But he never explains who they are or what’s going on as usual."

Artemis teases Ariela Weinberg with Biniyam's taste

"I never used to consider myself a jealous person," Ariela characterizes, "but I feel like Biniyam really pushes me to the limit sometimes."

And ultimately, her insecurities stem from deeper issues in their relationship.

“We’re not communicating," she laments. "We’re more like roommates with a baby.” 

Biniyam Shibre - I want to fix this toilet

Later, Biniyam was applying a toilet seat to the previously seatless toilet.

(Side note, this woman is recovering from pregnancy and a C-section and has no toilet seat? How did this go on for so long?)

This is when Ariela begins to express her insecurities to him about his phone contacts … and it quickly gets out of hand.

Ariela Weinberg is feeling insecure

Ariela demands to see Biniyam’s phone, because of his numerous contacts that he apparently never bothers to explain to her.

(While her behavior in this clip is nothing short of deranged, you can understand that what built up to it was days, weeks, or more of Biniyam dismissing her concerns as he often does)

When Biniyam stalls, saying that he’s just gotten a text, Ariela snatches the phone away from him — unacceptable behavior, no matter the cause.

Ariela Weinberg worries about communication issues with Biniyam

“Why don’t I go through the phone and I’ll just call every person," Ariela alarmingly suggests.

She continues: "And say, ‘Hi, this is Baby’s girlfriend. We just had a baby. Who the f–k are you?’”

She gave him a hard time about sometimes not answering the phone when he’s at work. When he told her that sometimes he has to have it off, she gets even angrier.

Ariela Weinberg hears - are you excited to see your dad?

Unfortunately, the two are still having constant disagreements when they are preparing for Ariela’s parents to be there.

Things do not improve when, en route to the hotel where Ariela will wait for her parents, Biniyam springs it on her that, oh by the way, he’ll be working that night.

Either he is truly bad at scheduling or he doesn’t really care how Ariela feels unless it inconveniences … and it might be a little of both. Ariela’s reactions make it hard to view her sympathetically, either. What a mess.