4-Year Old Can't Handle End of the Barack Obama Presidency

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President Barack Obama currently has a 50% approval rating across most national polls.

This is an impressive figure for a Commander-in-Chief nearly eight years into his administration.

It makes it apparent that many people out there will be sad when Obama leaves office in January.

But no one will be sadder than the little girl featured in the video below.

Cute Obama Fan

According to Facebook, her name is Abella.

And, according to yours truly, she recently had the most adorable, most heartbreaking reaction we've ever seen to a President nearing the end of his two-term tenure.

The following footage was shared online by Abella;s mother, who wrote as a caption to the hilarious video:

My daughter Abella overheard me listening to the Democratic Convention last night and she is pretty devastated that Barack Obama is leaving the White House...

Who isn't?!

At least half the country may be, just based on the approval percentage cited above.

But that isn't the point here, of course.

Very Sad Girl

The point is that Abella's mommy eventually asks if the child wants to write a letter to Obama in order to express her feelings.

But this only makes Abella even more distraught.

What might help? A movie and being cuddled, she says, causing the Internet to break out into a collective AWWWWW just as she gets these words out.

We don't typically laugh at the emotional pain of a four-year old, but we think it's acceptable to make an exception in this case, don't you?

It's also unclear whether Abella will truly miss Obama ... or whether she just fears who may take his place.

Her mother seems not to be concerned, however.

Watch below to see what we mean... and to laugh/smile/cry!

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