10-Year Old Receives Shotgun as Gift, Cries Tears of Joy

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Controversy has broken out online over what is depicted in the following video.

Shared on its Facebook page by gun manufacturer Beretta, the clip features a 10-year old girl sitting in the seat of a pickup truck and opening up a present.

She tears off the wrapper as quickly as she can and then instantly breaks into tears upon seeing what is inside the box.

It's a shotgun.

girl and gun

“Oh my goodness, this is crazy, oh my, I can't breathe,” says the girl, prior to being encouraged by unseen adults to open the weapon's case.

When the young recipient sees the model of shotgun (a 686 Silver Pigeon), she screams with pure happiness.

"Making memories starts the moment you open your first 686," wrote Beretta along with the post, adding:

"A touching video sent by Presley's parents, shows the emotional moment when she realizes she finally has her very own 686 Silver Pigeon."

The video has been shared over 30,000 times as of this writing and, as you might expect, has generated quite a few comments from gun advocates and gun control advocates.

Do you see anything wrong with this Facebook post?

Is it irresponsible for parents to actually give a child a gun?

Or could one argue that it's actually responsible to teach a child how to best handle a weapon if he or she will later come into frequent contact with one?


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