Woman Farts on Harassing Co-Worker, Gets Him Fired

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Ladies, has this ever happened to you:

A male co-worker continually touches you inappropriately, "accidentally" brushing up against your breasts or buttocks throughout the day?

Yes? It has happened? To basically every single one of you?

We're guessing no one out there used the tactic employed by Reddit user "ThankCod" in order to get her revenge?

Scroll down to learn the hilarious details of how this woman got her sexually aggressive colleague booted from her company...

1. #HerToo

This is not a photo of the man and woman in question. But the #MeToo movement has empowered females around the corporate world to stand up to their aggressors, which is terrific.

2. An Intriguing Introduction

An Intriguing Introduction
This is how the Reddit user opened her post, piquing the interest of all who looked at it.

3. Allow Her to Set the Scene

Allow Her to Set the Scene
Nearly every woman reading this is likely nodding in agreement right now. They've been victims of these kinds of "bumps" every day of their working lives.

4. Action Was Required

Action Was Required
HA! LOL! Amazing! This was the action the woman chose to take.

5. Cue the Freak Out!

Cue the Freak Out!
The man will no longer view this woman's backside as something sexual, but instead as something stinky. Genius.

6. The Fart Heard 'Round the World

The Fart Heard 'Round the World
Or at least around the office. After her boss learned what happened, he called the man and woman into his office and it came out that this man was a serial grabber.

7. A Joke, Huh?

A Joke, Huh?
The boss wasn't buying it. This wasn't funny. Ted got fired! And it all started with the fart!

8. Well Done!

Well Done!
Users around the Internet had nothing but praise for this courageous and inventive employee.

9. That Reminds Me of a Story

That Reminds Me of a Story
It's a long story. But one worth telling.

10. Lamest. Defense. Ever.

Lamest. Defense. Ever.
Nice try, Ted. Don't let the door hit you on the way out.

11. Hey, That's What We Called It!

Hey, That's What We Called It!
Don't steal our "Fart Heard 'Round the World" line please. Get your own!

12. Us, Too!

Us, Too!
Well, you see, I accidentally kept grabbing this woman's butt and then she farted on me and it came out that I did this to many other female colleagues, too, and, well... can I have a job?

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