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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is back after a rare, Superbowl-induced hiatus.

Season 5, Episode 10 included some footage that many of us had already seen on Episode 9 due to some bizarre editing mixups.

But things with Kimberly and Usman are brand new, as Kimberly’s desperate ultimatum finally gets her what she wanted.

We relive parts of Jasmine’s epic de-hatting of Gino, only for their storyline to have yet another surprise twist.

Weeks ago, we warned that Mahogany might be real, even if some things about her were obviously dishonest.

On Episode 10, we see Ben meet her for the first time. She, of all people, says that he’s different from his pics.

Ella follows Kimberly’s example and gives out an ultimatum of her own to Johnny, who is running out of excuses.

For what went down between Memphis and Hamza, our Episode 9 recap covers that because it was literally the exact same footage.

Mike has noticed some distance between him and his fiancee, Ximena, in recent weeks.

He returns to Colombia to prepare for their wedding, but everything is different now.