Tyler Baltierra Shares Precious Family Photo, Feels So Very Blessed

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Tyler Baltierra has been through a lot over the past several months.

So has his famous wife, Catelynn.

There's been a miscarriage... a trip to rehab... a quasi separation... and then, to top it all off, the birth of brand new daughter, Vaeda, who came into the world in late February.

Through it all, to Tyler's credit, the veteran reality star has been very candid and revealing when it comes to his situation and his feelings.

And that remains true to this day, as Baltierra shared perhaps the most perfect family photo possible on his Instagram page a couple weeks after becoming a father yet again.

Scroll down to see this snapshot and also to read Tyler's thoughts on where he's been and where he is now.

1. Tyler, Catelynn and Kids

Tyler, Catelynn and Kids
Simply... perfect. What else is there to say about this family photo of Tyler, Catelynn and their daughters?

2. It's All Been Worthwhile

It's All Been Worthwhile
"This is my inspiration for everything! I love my family so much & there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for all of my girls!" wrote Tyler to open his caption to this wonderful family snapshot.

3. From There... to Here

From There... to Here
Continued to Teen Mom cast member: "After this past year with our miscarriage, Cate’s mental health struggle, my dad & sister’s recovery, & my own mental health journey...I thought this pregnancy couldn’t have came at a more emotionally sensitive time for us."

4. So Many Lessons Learned

So Many Lessons Learned
"But life isn’t about convenient timing & destiny works in mysterious ways," added Tyler.

5. Hashtag BLESSED

Concluded Tyler: "I’m just so blessed that Vaeda’s destiny was to be right here in her mother’s arms, next to her big sister, who’s wrapped in her daddy’s arms...it’s a feeling that’s unexplainable."

6. Catelynn and Tyler: SELFIE!

Catelynn and Tyler: SELFIE!
Catelynn and Tyler look as adorable as ever in this selfie of the popular Teen Mom couple.

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