Tyler Baltierra Shares Precious Family Photo, Feels So Very Blessed

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Tyler Baltierra has been through a lot over the past several months.

So has his famous wife, Catelynn.

There's been a miscarriage... a trip to rehab... a quasi separation... and then, to top it all off, the birth of brand new daughter, Vaeda, who came into the world in late February.

Through it all, to Tyler's credit, the veteran reality star has been very candid and revealing when it comes to his situation and his feelings.

And that remains true to this day, as Baltierra shared perhaps the most perfect family photo possible on his Instagram page a couple weeks after becoming a father yet again.

Scroll down to see this snapshot and also to read Tyler's thoughts on where he's been and where he is now.

1. Tyler, Catelynn and Kids

Tyler, Catelynn and Kids
Simply... perfect. What else is there to say about this family photo of Tyler, Catelynn and their daughters?

2. It's All Been Worthwhile

It's All Been Worthwhile
"This is my inspiration for everything! I love my family so much & there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for all of my girls!" wrote Tyler to open his caption to this wonderful family snapshot.

3. From There... to Here

From There... to Here
Continued to Teen Mom cast member: "After this past year with our miscarriage, Cate’s mental health struggle, my dad & sister’s recovery, & my own mental health journey...I thought this pregnancy couldn’t have came at a more emotionally sensitive time for us."

4. So Many Lessons Learned

So Many Lessons Learned
"But life isn’t about convenient timing & destiny works in mysterious ways," added Tyler.

5. Hashtag BLESSED

Concluded Tyler: "I’m just so blessed that Vaeda’s destiny was to be right here in her mother’s arms, next to her big sister, who’s wrapped in her daddy’s arms...it’s a feeling that’s unexplainable."

6. Catelynn and Tyler: SELFIE!

Catelynn and Tyler: SELFIE!
Catelynn and Tyler look as adorable as ever in this selfie of the popular Teen Mom couple.

7. Amen, Tyler

Amen, Tyler
We've always admired how open Tyler has been with his feelings, never shying away from difficult talk and never afraid to be as open as possible with his fans.

8. And the Guy Clearly LOVES His Kids

And the Guy Clearly LOVES His Kids
"Words can’t describe the joy I feel when looking into that tiny angelic little face. Daddy loves you Vaeda!" he has previously written on Instagram.

9. So Stinkin Cute!

So Stinkin Cute!
Tyler has also posted a video of older sister Nova with her new sibling, writing as a caption alongside of it: "Nova is trying to sing “London Bells Are Ringing” to Vaeda & my heart legit just exploded & melted into a doting father puddle!"

10. Welcome, Vaeda!

Welcome, Vaeda!
The newborn girl was born on February 21 at 9:24 a.m. She weighed in at six pound, four ounces and measured 19.75 inches.

11. It's Been Quite a Journey

It's Been Quite a Journey
Catelynn and Tyler have had their fair share of trying times recently, as Tyler alludes to here. It's so very impressive they've stuck together through it all.

12. In 2017, For Example...

In 2017, For Example...
... Catelynn sought treatment for mental health reasons due to postpartum depression and suicidal thoughts.

13. Catelynn Also Suffered a Miscarriage

Catelynn Also Suffered a Miscarriage
It's hard to think of a more traumatic and demoralizing experience, as Tyler noted on an episode of Teen Mom 2 in February 2018. “It’s very traumatic," he told a producer on air. "When you see her shaking and she’s got blood everywhere, it’s like … you don’t really know what to do.”

14. We Really Can't Imagine

We Really Can't Imagine
“She kind of cleaned herself up, and we kind of figured out what was going on,” Tyler said on this same episode. “Spotting is normal, but all the clotting is not. So we just saw on the bed and cried. We just held each other. There’s nothing you can really do.”

15. But Then... a Rainbow Baby!

But Then... a Rainbow Baby!
Catelynn stunned her followers in September last year when confirming she was expecting the couple's third child.

16. Wait... Third Child?

Wait... Third Child?
Yes. They are raising four-year old Nova and they gave up a daughter named Carly for adoption as teenagers because they weren't ready to be parents.

17. That Was Yet Another Obstacle for the Stars

That Was Yet Another Obstacle for the Stars
“Carly is a little different because we get to see her every year,” Tyler said about a year ago, comparing this adoption to Catelynn's miscarriage. “But it’s a loss, and you feel it, like, you process it as a loss. I guess it’s something I didn’t really understand before. It’s crazy.”

18. There Was Also the Separation

There Was Also the Separation
Last fall, Tyler asked Catelynn for some time apart... while she was pregnant. He said at the time that he just needed a mental break after all the couple had gone through.

19. Wait, Don't Call It a Separation!

Wait, Don't Call It a Separation!
"We say, 'Let's just do 30 days of self-reflection time. You get to focus on you. I get to focus on me.' The main goal is to stay with my wife and live this life," Tyler said on Us Weekly's Watch With Us podcast. "We love each other. It's crazy too because when you do grow up with each other, no one can really understand the bond. There is no explanation for it."

20. And It Appears to Have Worked

And It Appears to Have Worked
Feelings remain very strong between the husband and wife. "I love you @TylerBaltierraMTV," Catelynn wrote on Instagram in December. "You are seriously AMAZING."

21. Right Back at Ya!

Right Back at Ya!
"I love you too babe and regardless of what anyone says, just remember….You are BEAUTIFUL. You are STRONG. You are WORTHY. You are SAFE!" replied Tyler at that time.

22. Catelynn Has Never Stopped Gushing Over Tyler

Catelynn Has Never Stopped Gushing Over Tyler
"We are not getting a divorce!" Catelynn lashed out at critics month ago. "YES I know what I put him and Nova through when I left for treatment! He was AMAZING and supported me the whole time!"

23. So Much Love for Her Family

So Much Love for Her Family
Wrote Catelynn as a caption to a photo of Nova and Vaeda: "The love I have for these girls is SO unbelievably HUGE!! I’m so blessed to be the mommy to them!!! #mygirls #blessed #novalee #vaeda #sisters."

24. Life Still Isn't Perfect for These Two

Life Still Isn't Perfect for These Two
LOLOLOLOL. This is what Catelynn wrote five days ago.

25. Best of Luck, You Guys!

Best of Luck, You Guys!
We'll always be rooting for you.

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