Dakota Meyer to Bristol Palin: I'm So Sorry! I Want to Be Better!

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Dakota Meyer is doing a 180.

The former Marine spent most of Teen Mom OG really tearing into ex-wife Bristol Palin.

The couple fought on a weekly basis, hurling insults back and forth and making viewers feel very uncomfortable as they witnessed a marriage disintegrate into pieces.

But now? Many weeks after filming ended?

Meyer realizes he may have crossed a line at times.

Scroll down to see how he's addressed some of those comments -- and also relive the worst things he and Bristol said about each other...

1. Bristol, Dakota and Her Son, Tripp

Bristol, Dakota and Her Son, Tripp
Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin have two kids together and have been through A LOT over the years. Viewers watched their divorce play out over the course of Teen Mom OG Season 8.

2. How Did These Two Leave Things on the Teen Mom Finale?

How Did These Two Leave Things on the Teen Mom Finale?
In a very bad place, as Bristol went off on Dakota for the way he treats her, telling Meyer: “A coparent that doesn’t talk to me this way... A coparent that doesn’t steal from me. You’ve got major issues. It has nothing to do with me. I think you’ve had these issues before we were married, and I think you have to work on yourself, Dakota, just like I’m working on myself.”

3. Yikes, Right?

Yikes, Right?
But it then got even worse when Meyer responded as follows: “We can have a better relationship for our daughters when you stop being a compulsive liar.”

4. Who Do They Co-Parent?

Who Do They Co-Parent?
Bristol and Dakota are the biological parents of little girls Atlee and Sailor, while Dakota has also grown close with Bristol's son from a previous romance. His name is Tripp.

5. Peace the Eff Out!

Peace the Eff Out!
"Just leave me alone. Go be happy. I don't want to have a friendship with you – you're a co-parent,' Dakota bluntly told Palin.

6. And... Scene!

And... Scene!
Bristol finally walked away from her ex at this point on the finale, saying "I'm not dealing with it," just as Meyer complained, "I pay $2,500-a-month childcare."

7. Rough Stuff, Right?

Rough Stuff, Right?
Yes, but it wasn't even the ugliest interaction between the ex-lovers. On the previous episode, Meyer took exception to Palin calling him - on camera - to discuss their relationship.

8. This is What He Said to Her:

This is What He Said to Her:
"Pick up the phone, text me when there's not cameras around. Meyer was accusing Bristol of not actually caring about her children, only about the attention she's receiving from the series.

9. He Continued:

He Continued:
"Show me that you're gonna have genuine intentions and it ain't just for the show to start some drama." (A bit harsh, right? These two did sign up to have their lives recorded by MTV/)

10. Meyer Later Realized That He Went Too Far

Meyer Later Realized That He Went Too Far
“Regarding my comment tonight on @teenmom insinuating that Bristol has put anything before the kids was wrong and tasteless,” he Tweeted, having seen the confrontation play out on TV all these months after it transpired.

11. He Concluded at This Time:

He Concluded at This Time:
“It’s the furthest thing from the truth and I apologize to her and the kids for that.”

12. And Now He's Apologizing Again

And Now He's Apologizing Again
After witnessing his actions and words on the finale, Meyer shared a photo of himself, Bristol and Tripp and wrote as a caption: "In regards to the comment on tonight’s @teenmom episode insinuating Bristol is anything other than a great mother is deeply regretted on my part."

13. I Can Do Better...

I Can Do Better...
"Looking back and seeing my behavior does not represent the man I strive to be," he added. "Going forward I have made the commitment to Bristol to work towards a better relationship and putting our children’s best interests before my own.”

14. Did He Suffer Another Episode?

Did He Suffer Another Episode?
Meyer described his PTSD early in the season and he has now shared a new photo of himself in the hospital, implying that he suffered another anxiety attack related to this illness. "Anxiety is a bitch! #ownthedash #anxietysucks," he wrote as a caption.

15. Has Bristol Responded?

Has Bristol Responded?
Sort of. She just shared this photo of herself and Dakota playing paintball and, insinuating that the bad blood has boiled over, penned as a caption, "parents vs kids, most fun ever."

16. And She Previously Told Followers Not to Believe All They See on TV

And She Previously Told Followers Not to Believe All They See on TV
"Don’t get me wrong - I’ve said some mean things and learned a lot the last several months - but the life I’ve built for my kids is NOT sitting around talking about baby daddy drama," Palin said last week on Instagram.

17. And She Added:

And She Added:
"Every week is a combined disappointment with their inaccuracies and false narratives. I hate getting all emotional on you guys but I’ve kept quiet for too long about it. Don’t believe everything you see on TV."

18. So, Is There Hope for Bristol and Dakota?

So, Is There Hope for Bristol and Dakota?
Yes. "We have made incredible strides the last several weeks," Bristol told fans during an online Q&A a few days ago, echoing Dakota's main point here, that they are working to at least be amicable.

19. We Can Work This Out

We Can Work This Out
Palin added that she is "super grateful" for how much easier co-parenting with Dakota has become, concluding that "it’s been amazing."

20. Hooray, Right?

Hooray, Right?
Absolutely. No matter what you think of Palin and Meyer personally, there are three kids at the center of this mess. They need to get to a better place for the sake of thise children alone.

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