Dakota Meyer to Bristol Palin: I'm So Sorry! I Want to Be Better!

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Dakota Meyer is doing a 180.

The former Marine spent most of Teen Mom OG really tearing into ex-wife Bristol Palin.

The couple fought on a weekly basis, hurling insults back and forth and making viewers feel very uncomfortable as they witnessed a marriage disintegrate into pieces.

But now? Many weeks after filming ended?

Meyer realizes he may have crossed a line at times.

Scroll down to see how he's addressed some of those comments -- and also relive the worst things he and Bristol said about each other...

1. Bristol, Dakota and Her Son, Tripp

Bristol, Dakota and Her Son, Tripp
Dakota Meyer and Bristol Palin have two kids together and have been through A LOT over the years. Viewers watched their divorce play out over the course of Teen Mom OG Season 8.

2. How Did These Two Leave Things on the Teen Mom Finale?

How Did These Two Leave Things on the Teen Mom Finale?
In a very bad place, as Bristol went off on Dakota for the way he treats her, telling Meyer: “A coparent that doesn’t talk to me this way... A coparent that doesn’t steal from me. You’ve got major issues. It has nothing to do with me. I think you’ve had these issues before we were married, and I think you have to work on yourself, Dakota, just like I’m working on myself.”

3. Yikes, Right?

Yikes, Right?
But it then got even worse when Meyer responded as follows: “We can have a better relationship for our daughters when you stop being a compulsive liar.”

4. Who Do They Co-Parent?

Who Do They Co-Parent?
Bristol and Dakota are the biological parents of little girls Atlee and Sailor, while Dakota has also grown close with Bristol's son from a previous romance. His name is Tripp.

5. Peace the Eff Out!

Peace the Eff Out!
"Just leave me alone. Go be happy. I don't want to have a friendship with you – you're a co-parent,' Dakota bluntly told Palin.

6. And... Scene!

And... Scene!
Bristol finally walked away from her ex at this point on the finale, saying "I'm not dealing with it," just as Meyer complained, "I pay $2,500-a-month childcare."

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