Jenelle Evans: Stealing Food from Low-Income Hurricane Victims?!

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Last week, Hurricane Florence did some real damage to the Carolinas.

And since Jenelle Evans lives near the coast of North Carolina, she definitely felt some of that damage.

She's been tweeting and Facebooking and Instagramming about everything that's been happening down in her neck of the woods, and it honestly sounds horrible.

But one of her most recent posts has a lot of people furious with her.

Let's get into the details!

1. Fair

At this point, it feels pretty safe to say that Hurricane Florence has really thrown Jenelle for a loop.

2. Kick It, Y'all

Kick It, Y'all
When the storm was just getting started, she shared photos of Kaiser playing outside in the rain and proudly declared that they were "kickin' this storm's butt."

3. What Hurricane?

What Hurricane?
Then, when she lost power at her house, she shared another picture of Kaiser, this one with him inside holding a lantern, and she honestly used a "What Hurricane?" hashtag.

4. Not So Fun

Not So Fun
Things only got real for her when a dam broke in her mother's neck of the woods and she began her third day without power.

5. Insane

"This is insane," she tweeted. "Lots of rain, flooding, washed out roads, broken dams, falling trees killing people, tornados, dolphins in the streets, sharks on highways, alligators running around, and wild snakes outside swimming. What else can go wrong?"

6. Wrong!

She quickly learned what else could go wrong, because even though she said she and David Eason had been prepping for the storm, they apparently ran out of food and gas, as she revealed in a now deleted tweet.

7. Gettin' Skinner!

Gettin' Skinner!
Things were so bad that she even tweeted (and deleted, natch) that she'd been losing weight because of their lack of food -- or as she put it, "with this storm I'm getting skinner, y'all."

8. Good Job, Girl!

Good Job, Girl!
She's been tweeting about specific needs of specific areas of her community, and she's also been trying to find a place where she can help locally, or at least donate items, which is honestly great of her.

9. Hmmm ....

Hmmm ....
But this other thing she's doing in the aftermath of Florence? Most people don't think it's too great at all.

10. Free Food!

Free Food!
On Facebook, she shared this photo of a free box of groceries she'd received from an organization called Full Cart.

11. Come and Get It!

Come and Get It!
"Just got this in the mail!!!!" she explained. "This is not an ad. Ordered some groceries for FREE on this website. Everyone that is affected by the hurricane can apply. They sent me a confirmation email and I ordered on 9/18. Spread the word!"

12. Suspicious

But Jenelle haters did their research, and it turns out that the charity she got the food from is income based, and since she makes at least a few hundred thousand dollars for every season of Teen Mom 2, it seems like she shouldn't qualify.

13. What's Going On?

What's Going On?
It's not clear if the hurricane relief part of the charity is available for anyone in affected areas or if it's income based as well, so it's not clear if Jenelle fibbed about her income to get the free food or not.

14. Yikes

Well, except the charity's founder kind of confirmed on Twitter that she wasn't entirely truthful in her request for assistance.

15. How Nice

How Nice
"Thank you for ordering food from us at Full Cart!" the founder tweeted to Jenelle. "You brought a lot of great awareness that the program is available! We are raising more donations now so we can send even more relief! Thank you @PBandJenelley_1 You’ve helped a lot of people in need because of what you did!"

16. Uh ...

Uh ...
Someone asked him "So your condoning someone who makes over $200k a year taking advantage of your nonprofit charity that is meant for those in need even though she claims to have been fully stocked already??"

17. At Least He's Honest

At Least He's Honest
His answer? Yep!

18. A Pretty Good Deal

A Pretty Good Deal
"Yes!" he responded. "She saved us thousands $$$. Normally we have to run Facebook ads so people find out we offer relief but she posted on social we got 10 times our normal order volume in a day. She helped reach more people in need faster. Only cost $7.50 to send her package. That’s a deal!"

19. Good Enough

Good Enough
His answer makes sense -- even if Jenelle wasn't totally truthful, she still made it possible for many people to take advantage of this service, and since things are nowhere near back to normal in many parts of the state still, that's a good thing.

20. What is the Truth?!

What is the Truth?!
In tweets that have been deleted, Jenelle admitted that she and her family really needed the food, no matter what her income is.

21. A Nightmare

A Nightmare
"Our grocery stores aren't even open or have power," she said. "All their food is rotted. We don't have a Walmart that's open right now..."

22. Sass!

"So let me know when the stores open and fresh food is in stock and I'll stop getting supplies my family needs."

23. A Real Dilemma

A Real Dilemma
It's a difficult situation, because if her poor kids need food, then obviously this isn't a bad thing, and if the charity's founder is cool with what happened, then no big deal, right?

24. On the Other Hand ...

On the Other Hand ...
But with her income, she could have easily stocked up on the recommended amount of food to keep her family fed. She also could have, you know, evacuated.

25. Not Good

Not Good
Also, it's not like there's an unlimited supply of free food. If you check out the website where she got hers from, you can see there's a daily limit for how many boxes they can send out.

26. A Lot to Consider

A Lot to Consider
So yeah, a lot of people are still pretty upset with her for this.

27. Good Question

Good Question
"Who In their right mind is supporting Jenelle Evans?" one person asked on Twitter. "She ignored the warnings to evacuate! Thumbed her nose up at it ! Now she’s abusing food meant for People who are less fortunate! This is sick!"

28. Also True

Also True
"Jenelle makes a few hundred thousand/yr," someone else tweetd. "She suffered no devastation or loss in hurricane. She didnt NEED food. That could have gone to a family in need. She could've brought attention to this without ordering."

29. True Colors

True Colors
"The Junkie and MR JENELLE EVANS really showed their true colors, during this hurricane emergency! Not that any people ever had a good opinion of them, but they have proved they are even worse than ANY of us suspected. Selfish losers. Taking food meant for those less fortunate!"

30. Always About Jenelle

Always About Jenelle
"Her taking food other people really need, she has all the money in the world probably more than anybody else that lives in the area she does and she does this crap. Think it’s all for show. Always about Jenelle."

31. Oh, Jenelle ...

Oh, Jenelle ...
Do you think Jenelle is a bad person for doing this, or did she simply do what she needed to do to take care of her children?

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