Husband Sends Love Letter to "Curvy" Wife, Divides the Internet

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A writer named Robbie Tripp recently penned a very sweet message to his wife, a model named Sarah Tripp.

Due to Robbie’s very candid and sweet message, the Instagram post went viral.

But it didn't receive over 20,000 Likes purely because it was an example of a husband gushing over his wife.

As you'll find out below, the note stirred up quite a bit of controversy online because Robbie cited his wife's curvy body as a major reason behind her appeal... and users were divided over how they felt about this description.

1. This is Sarah

This is Sarah
She's a model and fashion blogger who emphasizes the growing "body positive" movement in her posts and poses.

2. And This is a Photo of Sarah and Robbie

And This is a Photo of Sarah and Robbie
The married couple is very much in love, as evidenced by a note Tripp wrote to Sarah as a caption to this snapshot.

3. He Likes Big Butts and He Cannot Lie!

He Likes Big Butts and He Cannot Lie!
Basically, Robbie explained in his love letter.

4. A Misguided Message

A Misguided Message
Robbie went on to explain that society sends a bad message about what true beauty is when it comes to the female form.

5. THIS is Sexy!

THIS is Sexy!
Sarah may never appear in Cosmo, Robbie says, but she's featured where it matters most.

6. Curvy and Confident

Curvy and Confident
These attiributes add up to real sex appeal.

7. Let Us See Those Stretch Marks!

Let Us See Those Stretch Marks!
Keep it real, ladies. That's the message Robbie wants to send.

8. Reaction Pours In

Reaction Pours In
Robbie did not expect a simple note to his wife to become viral: "It’s been incredible to see the reaction from my simple post celebrating my wife and her body," he wrote in response on Instagram.

9. Reverse Body-Shaming at Work?

Reverse Body-Shaming at Work?
Many people showed support for Robbie's honesty, but other critics accused him of body-shaming skinny women.

10. What Makes a Real Woman?

What Makes a Real Woman?
That seems to be the question up for debate here.

11. Who Cares?!?

Who Cares?!?
This would be a far more effective point if the person didn't care enough to leave a comment.

12. She Isn't Even That Fat!

She Isn't Even That Fat!
It would be a far bolder stance if Robbie were married to someone actually obese, this person argues.

13. On the Other Hand...

On the Other Hand...
Plenty of users appreciated Robbie's candid and romantic words.

14. Can Everyone Just Chill?

Can Everyone Just Chill?
Isn't this no one's business except for the couple itself?

15. DUDE!

Well done!

16. A Real Woman?

A Real Woman?
How about what it takes to be a real man?!?

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