Catelynn Lowell Threatens to Give Daughter Away, Doesn't Want Any Criticism

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Catelynn Lowell has been through a lot in her life.

She went through so much trauma in her childhood thanks to her alcoholic mother and the men she brought into her life, and when she got pregnant at 16 she made the brave but extremely difficult choice to place that child for adoption.

And of course she's seriously struggled with her mental health for a long time now.

But no matter how bad things have been for her, we never could have guessed she'd be doing through this right now ...

1. What a History

What a History
Before we get to where we're going, let's sure we're all fresh on Catelynn's history with this topic, OK?

2. A Hard Time

When Catelynn was 16, she and her boyfriend Tyler (who is now her husband, of course) discovered she was pregnant. It wasn't good news because of her age, as well as the fact that she had an extremely turbulent home life.

3. So Sad

She briefly considered abortion, then decided on adoption. And if you remember her episode of 16 and Pregnant, you remember that her family did not approve.

4. So Much Strength

So Much Strength
They tried hard to pressure them into keeping the baby, but knowing they couldn't provide a baby with a stable home, they did go through with the adoption. It was a truly selfless choice, but that didn't make it easy.

5. Totally Understandable

Totally Understandable
Over the years on Teen Mom, we saw them really struggle with their decision. They kept in touch with their daughter's parents, they had visits with the kid, but still ... it was obviously very hard.

6. Hmmm

And that's a big part of why people really don't understand Catelynn's statement about giving away her daughter, Nova.

7. More Babies!

More Babies!
OK, so in 2015, Catelynn and Tyler had Nova, then last year they welcomed another daughter, Vaeda.

8. Oh No

Oh No
After they had Nova, things were hard for a good few years because Catelynn suffered from some pretty severe postpartum depression -- so severe that it was a big reason why she left home for an inpatient facility in Arizona three separate times.

9. Doing Better?

Doing Better?
After her third trip to rehab, she got pregnant with Vaeda, and right around the same time her marriage went through a pretty dark period. Tyler even asked her for a trial separation.

10. All Good?

All Good?
But they pushed through their issues, Vaeda was born, and ever since then, things have seemed fine.

11. But Wait

But Wait
There is a chance, however, that we could have been missing a number of red flags for a long time.

12. WHAT?

Because this week on Instagram, Catelynn really threatened to give Nova away.

13. The Proof

The Proof
We're not even exaggerating, here's a screenshot from the Instagram post in which she literally says "We're giving Nova away."

14. Let's Investigate

Let's Investigate
If you clicked the link in the bio, then you were taken to a story about Nova's new look -- she wanted rainbow hair, so Catelynn let her get a little strand of pink hair added in somehow.

15. Naturally

It's clearly not a big deal, but lots of people criticized her for doing it, because of course they did.

16. OK ...

OK ...
So in the story that accompanied her "We're giving Nova away" post, she made a statement that read “People will always judge on how we parent but guess what?!? MY child MY choice!”

17. Ah

“And whatever makes this little girl happy I’m going to do! It’s not like we are giving her away, abusing her, or neglecting her, so move on!”

18. There It Is

There It Is
So it's clear to see what happened here, right? She said "It's not like we are giving away," the last few words were pulled out to make its own quote, and boom, clickbait was born.

19. Wow

We imagine she didn't personally write "We're giving Nova away, #linkinbio," because usually celebrities don't write the text for these kinds of posts, but still, it's pretty shocking.

20. Fair?

She got a lot of criticism for even having such a statement posted on her page, because even if she didn't write it, it's a pretty awful thing to say.

21. Ouch

Also, remember how Catelynn's always corrected anyone who said that she "gave up" her first daughter because of how negative that language is? And now she's going to allow that to be said about Nova?

22. Thank Goodness

Thank Goodness
To be fair, she didn't allow it for too long -- the post was quickly removed after it was posted.

23. Ugh

And then up went this post to take its place.

24. Letting Them Have It

Letting Them Have It
In this one, the caption read "I typically tend to try not to comment on things involving Nova, but this is getting ridiculous. You would think we're giving her away, ABUSING her, or NEGLECTING her. You people need to MOVE ON."

25. That'll Show Them

That'll Show Them
The post ended with the hashtags "enough is enough" and "over it," just to drive the point home.

26. Huh

But the issue with that version of the post is that it looks like she's slamming other people for making it seem like she's such a bad parent that she'd give her daughter away ... but she's the one with the post that, again, literally said "We're giving Nova away."

27. Smart Move

Smart Move
There was really no saving this situation, and it looks like she understood that -- as of now, neither of these posts are on her Instagram, and the link has been removed from her bio.

28. Probably for the Best

Probably for the Best
She's been limiting her comments for a long time now, so pretty much all evidence that this nonsense ever happened has been completely scrubbed from her Instagram -- but Twitter never forgets!

29. Getting Told

Getting Told
As one person told her "Saw a black and white on Instagram that says 'we are giving nova away' are u seriously that desperate for money to allow that kind of shit to be printed? Gross."

30. Well

Another person gave her some free advice with "You shouldn’t allow those type of clickbaits if you dont want the response. The one on Instagram was just a black and white photo of you and her and the only thing it said was “we are giving nova away” then link in bio... if u don’t want people to think it then do put it out."

31. What Next?

What Next?
Maybe she learned something from this experience, maybe she didn't ... but either way, what a wild ride it's been.

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