David Eason Testifies at Custody Hearing: Did He Throw a Tantrum?

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Jenelle Evans managed to maintain custody of her children throughout numerous arrests, violent episodes, and documented instances of substance abuse (including at least one while she was pregnant).

But her marriage to David Eason has put her in a position where she's only permitted to see her kids during supervised visits for one hour a week.

Granted, Jenelle certainly contributed to the environment that led CPS to remove her children for their own safety.

But it was David's violent temper -- and his decision to shoot and kill the family dog -- that prompted the investigation.

Yes, Eason's fits of rage are infamous -- which is one reason it's so surprising his lawyers decided to put him on the stand during his custody hearing.

Now, The Ashley's Reality Roundup has the latest on what went down during one crazy week in court.

Take a look:

1. One Mad Dad

One Mad Dad
David's violent temper tantrums have been well documented over the years. In April, he shot and killed Jenelle's 11-pound French bulldog during one such outburst.

2. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
David's decision to murder little Nugget resulted in a CPS investigation that caused the Easons to lose custody of the three children who were living with them on the property they dubbed "The Land."

3. The Long Decline

The Long Decline
David and Jenelle had already lost custody of two of their children, and now, the remaining three have been removed from their care as well.

4. The Wild Card

The Wild Card
David's erratic behavior has already caused irreparable damage to his family, and remarkably, he keeps finding ways to make the situation worse.

5. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
David has clashed with at least two of his kids' current caretakers in the parking lot outside the courthouse, and he arrived to the first day of testimony with a gun on his dashboard, seemingly in an effort to send a message to reporters.

6. A Baffling Move

Now, David has been called to the stand by his own attorneys, and the process is already off to a messy start.

7. Dapper Dad

Dapper Dad
For starters, if you compare that video of David leaving court on Monday with this photo from his wedding, you'll notice that dude wore his white tuxedo jacket to testify in a freakin' custody hearing!

8. It Begins

It Begins
Obviously, that was just the beginning of the weirdness, and The Ashley's Reality Roundup has the lowdown on how it all went down from there.

9. Mercifully Brief

Mercifully Brief
“Monday was a short day – it started at 2 p.m. so there was much less going on than usual,” said one of The Ashley's sources.

10. We Share In That Surprise

We Share In That Surprise
“Everyone was surprised that David’s lawyer was willing to put him on the stand,” the source said.

11. Surprise Testimony

Surprise Testimony
“No one expected him to testify," the insider added. "He only got up on the stand during the last few minutes [of the hearing on Monday], and only his own lawyer questioned him.”

12. Carefully Orchestrated

Carefully Orchestrated
Yes, it sounds as though David's attorneys trotted him out in a controlled environment in order to demonstrate to the judge that he's capable of keeping his cool during a few minutes of friendly questioning.

13. Risky Business

Risky Business
Thus far, the move seems to have worked out as planned, but it could backfire when David is called to testify by opposing counsel.

14. Round Two

Round Two
"The other lawyers should be getting their chance to question David and they are obviously not going to go easy on him like his own lawyer did,” the source said.

15. Taking Advantage

Taking Advantage
“They’re waiting to pounce," the insider added. "They know how short his temper is, so they think he will eventually go off in court.”

16. Maintaining Compsure?

Maintaining Compsure?
Thus far, it seems David has not had any outbursts in the courtroom, but keeping his cool apparently hasn't been easy.

17. Normal, By His Standards

Normal, By His Standards
The Ashley's tipster says that David frequently makes "weird faces" in the courtroom while others are testifying.

18. Forever a Douche

Forever a Douche
“When someone is on the stand he stares at them, almost like he’s trying to intimidate them,” the source said. “He’s constantly making faces throughout all of it.”

19. The Good Guys

The Good Guys
Thus far, it seems most of the testimony has come from the people who are currently caring for Jenelle and David's children.

20. A Real Hero

A Real Hero
David's 11-year-old daughter, Maryssa, also took the stand, and insiders say her testimony left David appalled.

21. Taking a Stand

Taking a Stand
Now, Maryssa is reportedly refusing to take visits from her father, and insiders say he and Jenelle have stopped attempting to regain custody of Eason's eldest.

22. Where It Goes From Here

Where It Goes From Here
It's unclear if Jenelle will be called to testify, but The Ashley's source says rumors that her friend Jamie Wilshire will take the stand are erroneous.

23. Smart Move

Smart Move
“Jamie has not been called to testify and doesn’t want anything to do with the case,” the informant claimed.

24. For the Best

For the Best
It's a savvy move on Jamie's part. Eventually, this case will come to an end, and no matter the outcome, David is likely to go on a rampage against those who testified.

25. Rage Monster

Rage Monster
He may have kept his cool on the stand, but Eason won't be able to keep that act up forever.

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